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Gspurning felt fine, Schmid says he played OK

The three goals the Sounders surrendered tonight were the most since May, and it happened to come on Michael Gspurning’s return to the starting lineup for the first time since suffering a forearm injury at San Jose on July 13.

Here's what coach Sigi Schmid and Gspurning had to say about the performance.

SCHMID: It was OK. I think there's nothing you can do on the second goal. He got left stranded on the first one and the third one, a guy has on open header off the post and it's a scramble.

GSPURNINGOn the second goal, struck from 30 yards: The second one was also a nice strike. What should I say? The ball went right through Pat’s leg – Ianni’s leg. I tried everything, but I wasn’t able to reach it.

On if he felt physically ready: I was physically ready. So that’s no excuse for today that we conceded three goals. I was ready to play. Of course, I’m missing a little the rhythm of the game, but that’s normal with a four-weeks break. But after all OK. We have to move on for next week. Next week is a big game.

On the Texas heat: Of course it was tough, but we’ve done this before and it’s always in Houston or Dallas. It’s hot and humid, so no excuse about this and we made the game, like we broke their rhythm and we took our time, so there’s no excuse about the weather.

On allowing three goals: There’s a lot we have to talk. Everybody can do something better. It starts with me and it ends with the strikers. We had a lot of chances to score more goals. We didn’t have a good game tonight and we have to move forward.

On not starting last weekend in Toronto: Well. it was a smart move. The coach explained it to me, that I was just doing one week and he wanted to save my hand. In Toronto the hand was questionable, but now it’s fully fixed.