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Sounders revel in three points against Timbers

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say tonight after their 1-0 win over the Portland Timbers:

Coach SIGI SCHMID:(On Eddie Johnson’s goal…) “Every player gets up to play in front of crowds like this. It was a good kick from Mauro, Eddie rose well to get a little redirection on it to beat Ricketts with it. He’s one of the guys we look for on set pieces because we know he jumps well, along with some of the other guys going in there. Obviously it’s the set pieces that sometimes make the difference in a tight game and any player is happy score in front of a big crowd.” (On the importance of the win…) “It’s the three points, it’s winning against our rival. Those things are important. We still have games in hand on people, so we continue to gain. But it’s also just the team, the confidence, it’s the first time we had Clint with Eddie up front.” (On the look of the offense…) “The only guy we were missing tonight was (Obafemi Martins). So once we get everything out there. I thought Lamar had a good game, so that triangle with Lamar on the left worked. He played well on the left, so we are starting to see how it’s going to work and fit together when they are all on the field.” (On Dempsey’s performance…) “We still are a little bit in preseason. I thought his energy was good […] He is still gaining his sharpness and still gaining his fitness, but he is coming along. It was a hard game for him today. Stats say he got fouled four times, I thought he got fouled more than four times.” (On the record-breaking attendance…) “Today I drove in around 2:15, 2:30 and I already saw all green walking around […] It was fantastic. When you’re out there as the team marched out for the national anthem, you just look and saw everything full. I still pinch myself every time I see that.” (On the progressiveness of attendance…) “I think we’re moving forward. I think we’re getting there […] You never really thought this was going to happen. You see our league moving forward, you see the continued support. I was watching TV, the Montreal game, and the fans there were fantastic in that game. But nobody compares to our fans, turnout in numbers like that is indescribable to me.” (On Dempsey’s skills…) “There were a couple things he did. I know there were a couple “oohs” and “ahhhs” from the crowd and a couple of moves that he made. For him to know our guys and for our guys to know him it’s going to take a few games. He’s the kind of player who has really quick feet. Sometimes I watch him in warmups or watch him in practice and he does stuff that many people can’t do.” (On deciding to rest Traore…) “We just thought (Djimi Traore) had some things bothering him and we felt it was beginning to affect his play. We figured if we could rest him on the turf game, next week we play on grass again and it would be better to rest him on the turf game.” (On deciding to start Zach Scott..) “His flat out commitment to every second of every game is something that sometimes helps our team.”

(On the performance of Gspurning…) “I thought it was good. The saves he made early were fantastic. He stuffs Johnson on the breakaway and there was maybe one he came flailing out on the cross. Outside of that I thought he was pretty solid. He held what he needed to hold, he didn’t bobble or give any rebounds. I think we were slow-reacting a couple of times, because Ricketts spilled two or three balls and we should have been a little more aware, and we’re going to have to be a little bit better, but I thought Michael was pretty clean, with maybe one or two exceptions.” (On substituting Joseph…) “Shalrie tweaked his knee in the first half and played through it in the first half, and tried to see if he could play through it in the second half, so about six, seven minutes we felt he couldn’t play through it. So we wanted to come with Mauro at that point and move Evans inside, because that was our best option. Mauro always supplies something for us on set pieces. Games are hard fought and there is a lot of challenges and a lot of tackles, and that is not always your strength as a player, but he certainly helped us with set pieces and should have had a goal as well when he come in on that one cross and came very close to a goal. He was definitely a plus for us coming off the bench. It’s great to have a player like him to come off the bench.” Defender ZACH SCOTT (On how you felt when you heard you would start the game...) "I didn't feel anything new. I prepare every week like I am going to start. If I ever get to the point where I feel like I am not the starter I will hang up my boots. That's not the type of guy I am. I am going to prepare like a starter and when that opportunity comes then I will be ready. It is that much sweeter to work your way back into the lineup when it is an opponent that you love playing against." (On the large crowd...) "That was pretty cool. It was definitely up there on my list of amazing things I have been able to do because of soccer. The inaugural game for the Sounders was something pretty surreal and I feel like this tops that. 40,000 fans already seems so loud that adding 20,000 fans on top of that wouldn't be a big deal, but it felt like 67,000 fans out there." Goalkeeper MICHAEL GSPURNING(On the crowd...)"We knew what we had to do for the fans. 68,000 [67,385] came to see us win and we wanted to win so badly. We gave everything we had and fortunately we got a great 1-0 win." (On Darlington Nagbe's shot in the second half...) "I saw the ball, and I went for it. It wasn't about me in that situation. There are so many guys who deserve credit because it was such a great team effort. Eddie [Johnson] made the goal, Mauro [Rosales] made a great cross, and all four defenders in the back were great. It was really a team effort today. It was absolutely fantastic." (On Zach Scott starting...) "I think Zach is born for these games. His physical play was a huge factor in the game."