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Chivas: Sounders "one of upper echelon teams" in West

LogoChivas[1]Here's some of what Chivas USA had to say after its 1-0 loss at Seattle tonight:

Coach Jose Luis Real (On the outcome of the game…) “In my opinion, the game almost became, at the end, a tie because Chivas and Seattle were a nice game. I think in the first half, Seattle was better, and Chivas in the second half, for me, in my opinion, was better.” (On what Chivas could have done differently tonight…) “We almost to score at the end, in the last play, but unfortunately the referee finished the game. I’m happy with the development of Chivas USA, especially in the second half.” (On Lamar Neagle’s goal…) “For me it was a mistake for our defense because the player of Seattle must have one mark for Chivas USA and he was alone. It was a big mistake for Chivas.” (On whether his game plan was different knowing that Eddie Johnson and Clint Dempsey would not be playing tonight for Seattle…) “No. The most important for every game, for each game, for Chivas USA is Chivas USA first. And next, we’re going to think of the opponent. All of the players are very important, they are in the US team. Excellent players, but for Chivas, the number one is Chivas USA and next the opponent.” (On how Chivas USA is approaching their third game in seven days…) “It’s not easy to have many games because the players normally at the second of the three games are so tired, but this is one of the youngest teams in the league and I’m sure that for the next game, they’re going to be good.” (On whether Chivas prepared for Seattle’s tendency to score off set pieces…) “Before the game, we talked with the Chivas team about that, but it wasn’t enough, because they scored.” Goalkeeper Dan Kennedy(On maybe stealing the game late…) “Yeah, when you come into these tough environments you want to make sure you stay in the game and we did exactly that. The goal we gave up—I think we can do better by not fouling and we can do better marking on our set pieces. So we’ll be disappointed in that for sure but with that being said we stuck around and we did give ourselves a chance to tie and get out of here with something. Tough week for us in terms of games and road trip. The important thing is we came out of this pretty healthy and we’ll go back to the StubHub Center with a good game on Sunday and feeling pretty decent about this road trip.” (On making progress…) “Listen, I think since coach Real has been here we’ve made substantial progress and it’s been consistent. It took a while for our results to show that progress and in the last five weeks you’ve seen a couple of wins and a draw last game that could very easily have been a win so we’re settling into the system and guys are playing with a little more confidence.” (On team organization...) “The teams that have success throughout the year have been together for a long time and we’ve thrown this thing together just this year so now is the moment where we should be jelling and coming together.” (On final play…) “What I thought is he’s obviously holding the ball for a long time to kill the game off. I would do the same thing. He mishandled it, bobbled it, dropped it, lost possession of it and he picked it up again. It should have been an indirect kick and I don’t know what the clock was at. I know he added three minutes to the game; it didn’t feel like three minutes had gone and I don’t know what the clock was at but that would dictate the call. And the ref just decided to end the game on that.” Defender Bobby Burling(On the game…) “It’s kind of a testament to the season we’ve had; it’s been a lot of ups and downs. Definitely nothing has come easy for us. I think we came out a little flat in the first half, maybe tired legs from the previous game and a little bit of a letdown late in Vancouver tied over to the first half here but we came in and put in a full shift and battled, especially in the second half and gave ourselves a chance to get one and tie it late. Just kept battling, didn’t lose focus of the game, it’s a tough place to play, a good team with lots of depth. You talk about them missing a lot of guys but that’s a team with major depth and I think a team that’s prime to make a run in the playoffs, a deep run. Anything other than that would be a disappointment I think.” (On Seattle compared to other top teams in the West…) “Definitely I think they’re one of the upper echelon teams if you look across the Western Conference. Salt Lake’s obviously playing well, the Galaxy, Seattle, and then you have Portland making a push as well. Those are the clear top teams in the West and I think their fans deserve everything they get and it’s been a great atmosphere since they’ve come in and hopefully they do what they can do to keep going. For us it’s disappointing to not escape with a point, and steal one like Vancouver did to us.”