Sounders Insider

Neagle steps up in Sounders' 1-0 win

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say tonight after their 1-0 win over Chivas USA:

Forward Lamar Neagle(On it being his first goal since July 28...) "I've had chances here and there. Even playing left back, I had a great chance. It's been one of those things that has been coming. In training, I've been trying to work on my finishing as much as possible. When it came down to it we got one and that's all we needed with the shutouts we've been getting."

(On feeling pressure to score today with other players missing...) "I think just confidence-wise, I want to be the guy that steps up and scores a goal in every single game. Whether Clint [Dempsey] and Eddie [Johnson] are out there, or Oba [Martins] is out there, I still want to score goals. It doesn't really matter who's out there, I want to obviously be one scoring goals. It's the same thing when they're not there."

(On if it makes a difference when he's playing forward as opposed to midfield...) "I get a lot of freedom. I get a lot more chances when I play up top. Today I had three or four chances at headers from [Marc] Burch or [Mauro] Rosales that I should have been getting on. When you're playing outside mid, you're kind of getting chances for assists instead of goals as much. It might be coincidence; it might be playing forward and getting more chances."

(On the goal...) "I got free. The ball dropped right in my lap-literally right in my lap, it dropped right over somebody's head and it was kind of unexpected. I took a bad touch but ended up being able to get my foot up high enough to get it down." (On his first touch before the goal...) "It landed right in my lap and I was kind of jumping up at the same time, so it kind of got a little high. I was just trying to keep it down."

(On if it feels like the luck has changed for the team...) "Yeah, we had a few games where we we'd get chances left and right and we wouldn't score. I think that's a credit to our confidence and our depth. We had a great game. We had so many chances from everybody stepping up to play that doesn't really get a lot of minutes."

David Estrada - Sounders FC Forward (On returning to the starting lineup...) "It felt good. Whenever you get an opportunity you want to take advantage of it, and I think everyone who was on the field tonight did a good job and we got three points."

(On players stepping up in others' absence...) "Everybody who was on the field didn't want to miss a beat. We have pretty deep team-three guys who could potentially start for the national team. When some of those guys are missing, it's a big void to fill in, but I think we have the quality to fill them and thankfully we got the three points today."

(On his chemistry with Lamar Neagle up front...) "We just try to work hard and try to keep their center backs on their toes. I think we kept them off balance a little bit, and we should have maybe scored a few more goals, but we'll get out of this one with the three points." Midfielder Marc Burch(On the goal...) "I thought I was hitting some good crosses at the beginning of the game, so I felt pretty confident that I could get one in there. [Dan] Kennedy usually comes off his line, but he ended up staying and I think he froze on the ball and Lamar made a great run to finish it off."

(On controlling the run of play in the first half...) "I think it was our team pressure. Every time we lost the ball we chased them down. We made them uncomfortable and that way we were winning a lot of balls back. When you win the ball back you have more possession than the other team." (On going unbeaten in 11 straight at home...) "It's the crowd, it's our energy. We got a good road result and we knew we'd come home and get a win. We got another shutout which is really important-that's three in a row. I think team defense has been the key the last three games."

Goalkeeper Michael Gspurning (On earning a third consecutive clean sheet...) "It's been an absolutely great team effort and of course as a goalkeeper I like it very much. It's the way we want to create a momentum that makes it tough to score on us. We've achieved this now in three games and that's a good thing." (On Chivas' pressure late in the game...) "There were many free kicks for them and that's always a dangerous situation. They weren't that dangerous throughout the game, but with free kicks they created a couple of chances and it was tough for us in the end there."