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Neagle, Burch discuss their goal, the win

Here's some from Lamar Neagle and Marc Burch, who combined on the Sounders' first goal in their 2-1 win over Chicago tonight: NEAGLE(On his goal…) “We had a good cross from the right side. The goalie came out and got a touch to it. Then I saw Burch wrapping back around and just stayed in the mix of things. As soon as I saw him touch it, I darted in front of the defender and just barely got a touch to it.” (On how the game went…) “We had a lot more chances that we definitely should have finished, me and Oba [Obafemi Martins], but we all came out.”

(On Chicago Fire being a physical team…) “I think we kind of knew that it was going to be a battle from the start. We were ready for a fight and we always are and we will never back down from anybody. So if the game gets a little bit chippy, that’s fine with us.” (On pulling off the win in the end…) “Yeah I think that we are confident enough to know that we are going to get a lot of chances. Like I said before, we definitely should have finished a couple of more and made it a more comfortable of a game from the start. But you know, we had confidence from the start, we’ve been having good service for the last, who knows how many games. So, we knew that it was going to keep coming as long as we were going to keep getting balls in the box, we were pretty confident that we were going to get one.” BURCH (On another home victory…) “We’re coming in with good energy. I thought we had great energy at the beginning of the game, but we missed a few chances and kind of let down for a while. But when you’re playing in front of this crowd, it’s pretty easy to get pumped up for it.” (On his assist…) “I made a run into the box in case (Johnson) missed the punch and he got a piece of it, I saw that he was down and out of the box a little bit. I looked over my shoulder and saw Neagle waiting for it, so I just tried to get it back into him.”

(On his recent run of assists...) “Sigi wants me to be more aggressive,” he said. “I try to do what I can to help the team win. It’s a different role than defending the lead and stuff like that. It’s trying to get some goals, and hopefully I’ve done that.” (On continuing to improve overall record...) “Absolutely, this is where we want to be. We’re missing our two best players and we just won three in a row in seven days. It’s good, we’re in a good spot, but we can’t stop now. We got a big one next week—it’s a chance to take first place, not just in the Western Conference, but in the entire league.”