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Sounders react to 2-0 win over RSL

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say tonight about their 2-0 win over Real Salt Lake:

Coach Sigi Schmid (On a dominant win over a tough team…) “It’s a boost for us, for sure. There were people out there that were till doubting us a little bit, saying, ‘Oh, well they beat Chivas and they aren’t in the playoff hunt or this team, Columbus, and they aren’t in the playoff hunt,’ and things like that. Last time I looked everyone plays the same competition throughout the season, so somewhere that all evens out. I felt very confident we could play well against Salt Lake. I felt in Salt Lake, the second game, I thought we were unlucky. I thought we played fairly well, but we took goals at bad times—right before halftime and right after halftime—but we were actually in the game the whole time. Today we did a good job of executing our game.” (On choosing to bring Dempsey and Johnson off the bench…) “Obviously that was a decision we made. With the minutes that Clint (Dempsey) had played and the minutes Eddie (Johnson) had on Tuesday, and I think you saw Beckerman out there for 90 minutes and he’s a very, very good player and I don’t think today was a normal game for him, I think there was a little bit of fatigue. So we decided, ‘Hey, we’ve been in a good run and they are a little bit tired, let’s use them off the bench today.’ We knew they would participate and help us. Clint was unlucky with a couple of good chances and Eddie was almost in there as well a couple of times. Andy (Rose) could have had him late in there and just missed the pass. It just shows the depth of our team.” (On figuring out the best tactics with Dempsey…) “Obviously we still got to work on it and see how it’s all going to look when they are all on the field. That’s something we get a few days to train on and we can sort of see which way will be the best way because we need to have the right balance. But I thought they did a good job. Obviously the other team is trying to get in the game, they are playing with more energy towards the end there, but I thought when we got ahold of the ball in the last 20 minutes, (if we were) a little more clinical at times, a little more balance here and there and we could have had some great goals.” (On the formation…) “Amoeba. We can describe it as ‘the amoeba.’ It floats around, do whatever you want. They went into a 4-3-3 at halftime. They switched from a 4-4-2 and into a 4-3-3 so we started to do a 4-3-3 as well. We had Eddie go to the right side. Lamar (Neagle) went to the left. Oba (Martins) played up top. Clint was maybe more advanced than we would have liked defensively, but offensively he found some good spaces in there. I think they are versatile enough and there is enough hard work there—you saw Oba’s work rate—that they can place change with each other, one guy goes out wide and the other goes in the middle, I think those things can get done.” (On the game plan…) ”We had talked about one of the things that we could exploit is getting out wide. We had talked there was space for our outside backs, and we had talked we could play combination from the outside. The first goal came from breaking from the left combination and the second one with DeAndre (Yedlin) breaking through on the right. It was exactly we felt we could out of them a little bit and it paid off with two goals.” (On the next starting lineup…) “I don’t know, put names in a hat and draw them out. Maybe flip a coin. We’ll figure it out. It always has a way of sorting things out. Having quality players is always a good problem to have. We see who is on form, who is healthy.” (On maturation of DeAndre Yedlin…) “It’s very important because we’ve been talking about finishing off plays for him. He’s got to be able to finish off plays. The assist he did well with his touch because he took himself into the box. He commits defenders and when you commit defenders you have to make the right choice and we’ve been working with him on that. He made a great choice and found Lamar (Neagle) coming in late, so that was very, very good. Even on the first goal, Lamar makes a great run to open up the goal for Oba (Martins) and those are the things that don’t get rewarded on the stat sheet, but are things as a coach you’ve noticed. And I think for DeAndre there were a couple of other times where his crosses were better quality. He’s got to continue to grow and mature in that respect, but at the end of the day and as a right back, as he matures and makes better decisions, over a 34 game season he’s somebody who can walk away with five, six, seven assists.” (On mental preparation for the game…) “Before the game we talked about ‘we believe.’ We believe in ourselves and we believe today is our day to turn believers out of the doubters. That was our mission going onto the field. All our fans believed, so I’m not worried about them. Just to show this was a team we can beat, this is a team we can play against and we can play well.” (On another huge crowd…) “Keep ‘em coming. Keep those big crowds coming. The more we do that, the better it is. Our team reacts well to that—the energy, the excitement. I think the noise was fantastic. The amount of people that stayed at the end of the game was fantastic. I think the crowd definitely helps us and it’s a big plus for us. I don’t think we’ll always have Russell Wilson in the stands, because he drew a pretty big ovation, but we wish him and the Seahawks best of luck for Sunday, but I think we are creating something in our own right as well.” Midfielder Mauro Rosales(On the game and the fans…) “It was absolutely amazing to win against a big team—the first place team going into the game. They’ve showed already in the league how good they are. Today, we came in with the desire, with all the concentration that we needed to play games like this. The performance of the team was absolutely great. Winning in front of our fans is always is always the best feeling that we can have.” Forward Clint Dempsey(On all the goal scorers working together…) “It was great to get in with Eddie (Johnson) and (Obafemi Martins). Both are great players. You have to talk to the manager about what the best balance for this team will be, but the team did really well in the first half and they put in a great performance. I’m just trying to contribute and get into the game to try and help in any way that I can. I got in some good positions and I got some good looks so hopefully the goals are coming.” (On not scoring a goal yet…) “I’m just enjoying my soccer. I’m happy with the way that I’ve been playing and I’m on a good page with the rest of my teammates. The chances are coming. I thought that the one look I had when I beat the defender and got a shot off was going to go in, but someone got a head on it. I’m happy with the way things are going. At the end of the day the most important thing is the win, it’s not how I do.” Defender DeAndre Yedlin(On getting a big win at home…) “It’s amazing to have over 55,000 fans for a non-Cascadia Cup game. It’s incredible. These are the best fans in the league, some of the best fans in the world, and it’s great to get this win for them.” (On getting off to a fast start…) “With Oba’s (Martins) goal, I think we just kind of brought them down a level and brought us up a level. And then we kind of had the momentum throughout the whole game and you could tell it was going our way.” (On the second goal…) “I saw Mauro (Rosales) was tucked inside and Oba (Martins) got the ball, and I saw an open lane to run so I just started sprinting. It was a good find by Oba to find me—he played me perfectly into space. I got ahead of my guy, took a touch inside and saw an open space. I actually saw Rose coming in, so that’s who I was planning to hit it to, but Lamar came out of nowhere and hit it in. Hey, a goal’s a goal.” Forward Lamar Neagle(On the goal celebration…) “We were just trying to go fishing. He’s (DeAndre Yedlin) just a kid, so I’ll have to take him on a fishing trip or something like that. I didn’t even remember to do it, but he (DeAndre Yedlin) pointed to it, and so I just went.” (On having Clint Dempsey and Eddie Johnson sub in…) “It was good. I had already gave my 70, so I thought that I would just sit back and defend, and that was fine for me. I mean what else can you really ask for. You know that they’re going to hold the ball and draw a foul, so that was great.” (On scoring three goals in three games…) “Yeah, I’m definitely confident. I enjoy playing up front, and it was just good service from the other guys really.” Defender Zach Scott(On playing for a team that brings Clint Dempsey and Eddie Johnson off of the bench…) “That’s a good problem to have. Hopefully it doesn’t happen often because we’d like to see them start, but it’s a lot of fun to see.” Goalkeeper Michael Gspurning(On the game…) “I think today showed that we are a great team. It was a great win and it was a great start. We got all of the momentum at first, which was great. I think that we proved something, but there is a long way to go.”