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HBO to take look at Sounders' success

Here's how HBO describes the segment:

When the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics left the Pacific Northwest for Oklahoma City following the 2007-08 season, there was a void on the Seattle sports scene. Recognizing an opportunity, Hollywood mega-mogul Joe Roth and comedian Drew Carey helped deliver an MLS franchise to the sports-hungry city. Now in their fifth season, the Seattle Sounders are among the league’s elite teams, and recently signed Clint Dempsey, one of the best American soccer players in history. As the one U.S. soccer team consistently packing its stadium with tens of thousands of fans, they engage their passionate followers in a way unlike any other American sports franchise. In this REAL SPORTS/Sports Illustrated collaboration, correspondent Jon Frankel travels to Seattle to witness the spectacle of a Sounders’ game and to Los Angeles to talk to the Hollywood heavyweights who made it possible.

After Monday training we asked Brad Evans about the national attention directed at the Sounders."It goes both ways," he said. "It’s what soccer has done for Seattle, but it’s what our team and the city has done for soccer: It’s propelled it obviously on a national stage. Without this team you probably don’t have that HBO special. So it goes bath ways, and it’s a credit to our organization and what we’ve done here. It helps to win, obviously, and to have those Open Cups and Champions League and just a smart business crew, No. 1. It’s top to bottom, and it’s a great showcase for us. The only showcase that we’ve had so far from HBO is the negative press involving Chivas, so it’s good to get something positive out there and really showcase for people that don’t understand and haven’t expreinced it, this will be on a national level. And anytime you put this team on a national stage, we tend to do pretty well."