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Galaxy coach on MLS starpower, Donovan, Rogers

Here's what he had to say:On if this pairing has about as much firepower as ever in MLS: Neither of these teams has accomplished anything yet this year, so I’m not ready to put either one of us on a pedestal right now. We obviously have to play this game, play out the season, see how our respective teams do. But both teams certainly have good talent, and obviously (are) teams that have a chance to be pretty good later on in the season, so we’ll just have to wait and see. But I’ve coached some good teams in this league that have had some exceptional attacking players as well, so I’m not sure where we put these teams at this point in town.

On Clint Dempsey and other national team players choosing MLS: I think a lot of the players in Europe aspire to return and complete their careers in Major League Soccer, and Clint had this great opportunity and took advantage of it. It certainly conincides with the 2014 World Cup as well, so I think it’s a well-constructed move, not only by Clint, but by the league as well. It’s a win-win for everyone.

On the value of individual star-power to the league: I think it’s great. Anytime we have teams or individuals around the league that get attention I think it’s a positive for the league. We saw it throughout the Beckham years, and Clint coming back is great. Seattle having a very good team and a terrific fan base is great for the league. All of this stuff is good for the league. I think it’s a very exciting time, and hopefully we can put on a good game as well.

On Landon Donovan's status: We’re planning on him playing. That’s our update.

On Robbie Rogers' acceptance since becoming the first openly gay player in a U.S. men's team sport: I think the encouraging part has been that it’s been a non-issue. It’s business as usual. I think Robbie is well-accepted by his teammates, fans, and everyone around us. I think that’s great for Robbie, it’s great for our sport, it’s great for our society.