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Sounders see point gained ... and two points lost

There's already some Sounders reaction in posts below. Here's more on their 1-1 draw against New York:

Midfielder BRAD EVANS(On the flow of the game…) “Not a very fluid game, just because of the wind and the rain and everything. Balls just get held up and intercepted. It was a little bit sloppy, but going into halftime with the 1-0 lead and we came out and had a couple chances. We kept pushing forward, they caught us on one, missed a couple tackles and a class finish by Cahill. We kept on pushing, pushing but final execution wasn’t there today.” (On the PK goal…) “It was a good exchange of a couple passes between myself, Mauro (Rosales) and DeAndre (Yedlin). We found a little bit of space and I was able to turn in the box and his hand was behind him and he blocks the cross. In my book it’s a penalty, but they were complaining a little bit. And just slide it home.” (On areas to improve…) “We had a 1-1 result and we obviously know we can play better soccer. We can combine a little bit better and be better with our passes. If we do that, we get them a little more tired and ragged in the back and we get more chances. It’s just being a little more patient, playing a little better with the ball. Maybe playing it a little more safe. But it’s a good test to play a good team coming across the whole states. It might be a team that we might not face until the championship, but they’ll be up there.”

Goalkeeper MICHAEL GSPURNING(On the team’s performance…) “We started slow. We knew New York was good coming into the game. After 15 minutes we took more control, but it wasn’t enough to win. In the second half, New York took great chances. In second half they were the better team, so they deserve the point. We have to take the result and it wasn’t our best game today, but it’s OK.” (On Cahill’s goal…) “It was a bouncing ball all over the place in the box. He hit it well the first time and there’s nothing [I could] do.” (On areas to improve…) “Well next match is a tough one in Colorado. We are good on the road, we know what to do and hopefully we have a better game.” (On the Sounders not losing too many leads this year...) "New York had a good to start to the game. I thought New York was the better team in the second half. I do not think that we had our best game and we deserved the result. I think that they deserved the point. It is not a good result for us, but it is ok. It is one point at least, but we know that we can play better soccer and hopefully we will next week." (On the possibility of clinching a playoffs berth...) "Yeah we knew it. We put every effort in, but New York is very decent. You have to accept the draw.” Midfielder ADAM MOFFAT(On his home debut…) “It was great, the atmosphere was fantastic. Obviously we were disappointed at the result, we expect to win the home games. It was good to get out there, but I would rather win the game.” (On potential improvements for the team…) “We got the lead and maybe we could have taken a few more chances in the first half. Whenever the game is that close the other team always feels they have a chance and maybe we let them get a little too much space in that second half. It was a good goal for them, but it was disappointing for us.”

(On getting cheered this time around…) “ It’s nice to have all those people rooting for you rather than rooting against you, it’s cool.” Defender MARC BURCH(On if the team came in with the right attitude...) "I think so. I think we came in with the right attitude. We just missed a few chances that we should have put away. We put a few headers in and all of the sudden we are in control of the game. If you let a team like that stay in it when there are bad conditions they might get a goal. We need to put teams away, but it is just a point and we have to move on." (On if the 1-1 tie was due to happen because of the amount of one goal wins for the Sounders...) "Yeah, I think over a long stretch of games we were not putting enough goals away to make sure teams are out of it. When you leave a team like New York in it they are going to get one. For the amount of games that we won 1-0 maybe we did deserve a tie and maybe this was the one that we got back.”