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Schmid on 5-1 loss: "Not good enough," "Unacceptable"

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say tonight after the Sounders' 5-1 loss at Colorado

On the loss:At the end of the day we have to learn that that’s not good enough. You can’t walk on the field and assume that you’re going to be in the game. You have to be in the game mentally right from the beginning of the game.

On his message to the team at halftime:Well, the message was that we wanted to win the second half, which we did, up until they got the injury time goal from Torres. But just that we needed to show some character, to play better, to win the second half. That was our objective. And not to do anything stupid, not to pick up a red card, which obviously we didn’t accomplish. And just to make smarter decisions and at the beginning of the second half, through the first 20-25 minutes, we had Eddie Johnson’s goal, but we also had his header on goal and we had Evans on the left side, so a number of opportunities for us to have gotten some goals and gotten back into the game and maybe pulled back. But at the end of the day, Colorado was better than us today.

On lessons that can be drawn from the loss:No, it’s good to get your ass kicked at this time of the year, just to remind you that this is the real thing and if you don’t come out completely prepared mentally and ready to give everything you have, you’re going to get your ass kicked.

You didn’t mention it but I’m sure that you’re thinking about the next two games…Well some of the subs we made in the second half were just to save some legs on people. Mauro Rosales was playing well but we’ve got two other games this week. So we’ve got to live to fight another day. Jhon Kennedy Hurtado as well as a center back, especially with Zach [Scott]. We already knew Zach was out for the next game because of his yellow, now he misses our next two games so we made some changes that way, tried to save a little bit of time off of Ozzie’s [Osvaldo Alonso] legs as well so that was the reason for our changes in the second half.

On whether it would have made a difference to have Clint Dempsey: Wouldn’t have made a difference. We were asleep at the beginning of the game and when you’re asleep at the beginning of the game you’re going to pay the price. So it wouldn’t have made a difference unless they were going to go back and defend for us and none of those guys are defenders.

On whether that’s the worst half of soccer they’ve played this season:That together with the half that we played in LA.

On the performance in the second half:The fight was still there. Mauro [Rosales] was disappointed because he wanted to win the game but it was my decision at that point. So I thought our fight was there. I thought we came out and I thought we played well in the first 20 minutes. Overall when you look at the flow of the game, I didn’t think we got completely outplayed, I think we got countered on, and when you give up two set-piece goals and a goal in the first 30 seconds, you know, that’s unacceptable.