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Schmid: "A disappointing and poor performance"

Coach Sigi Schmid kept his opening comments short tonight after the Sounders' 4-1 home loss to Vancouver:

A disappointing and poor performance from us tonight," he said. "It seems like the last two games when the other team shoots, they score and we’ve got to find a way to stop there.

"... At the end of the day, it wasn’t a good performance today. It wasn’t a good performance in Colorado, and it’s unacceptable. We live and die together, we live and die as a team, as a staff, everybody, and it’s unacceptable to us as a coaching staff, it’s unacceptable to us as a team, it’s just unacceptable, the last two performances.

More from Schmid:

(On if criticism is warranted…) “You can write whatever you want. If you write a bad article, I try not to criticize you. You can write ten good articles, but two bad articles, we’ll get on your case for it. At the end of the day, it wasn’t a good performance today, it wasn’t a good performance at Colorado, and it’s unacceptable. We live and die together, we live and die as a team, as a staff, everybody. It’s unacceptable from us as a coaching staff, it’s unacceptable for us as a team, and it’s just unacceptable the last two performances. Everything you say is warranted because obviously we haven’t done anything in the last two games to show a difference.” (On the personnel decisions…) “The personnel needs to play better. Obviously we benched some people earlier in the year because we didn’t think they were playing adequately enough. Then they came back and they played better. Right now, they’re not playing well. We had hoped to start [Pat] Ianni this game and then he came up with a leg injury, and then all of a sudden today was better, but by that time we’d already made the decision who we were going to play in the back. He came in and I thought he played well, but he’s got to be ready to go, too, at the beginning, not might-be hurt.” (On the frustrations of the last two losses…) “It’s disappointing because we’re just not making plays. We’re not making saves, we’re not making defensive stops, we’re not winning tackles, people are slipping in behind us, we’re no running with people, so those are things that are just unacceptable and we have to look at it and we have to solve it.” (On the two first-half goals…) “The first one is a poor header—a poor clearance on a header—so they get the ball and they push it through right away and they score. In the second one, we get pulled apart and we try and win a ball in a part of the field where we don’t have to win the ball, and he slips it through and we’re unbalanced, and all of a sudden it’s two-nothing. Two chances, two goals. And both of them are avoidable. Both of them were mistakes—mistakes from the standpoint of a bad decision. A bad header, and a mistake in the sense of you don’t need to make the tackle there, you just need to stand the guy up.” (On what he told the team in the locker room…) “That’s between me and them.” (On players returning from injuries…) “Health isn’t the issue right now, we’re taking goals. We have to solve that.” (On having multiple rivalry games this week…) “We just have to find our form again. The issue is not who we play, the issue is us finding our form. That’s what the issue is right now.” (On the roster turnover due to International duty…) “It doesn’t help. It doesn’t help, just makes it a little bit harder, especially when you’re struggling right now. So you have that and Zach Scott out for two games on cards, so you just have to juggle it. It is what it is. Every team has to go through the same thing.” (On the effort of his team…) “I thought we continued to fight. I didn’t think the team gave up. Unless you thought the team gave up. I thought in the second half we continued to fight, we continued to push. DeAndre [Yedlin] was in, should have had a goal. Lamar [Neagle] is backing up for a ball that Oba [Martins] stepped into—that could have been a goal, as well. It’s a little bit the same as it was in Colorado, we pushed and we created chances. You look at the stats—how many shots we had, how many shots they had—it’s not close.” (On if Michael Gspurning is having problems…) “We’re all having problems. I’m not going to single out Michael or single out anybody. There’s nobody that’s coming up with plays right now. We need to make plays.” (On the play of Kekuta Manneh…) “He did well, he scored [three] goals. You don’t take anything away from their effort. I thought his running off the ball was good. They shifted into a 4-4-2, but again we gave them opportunities.”