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Tacoma Soccer Center's NW Legends Night

Tacoma, WA. – On Friday, October 25th, the Tacoma Soccer Center will host the 2nd Annual, “Northwest Soccer Legends Night,” for fans to retrigger fond memories of the top talent that graced the pitch in the Puget Sound. The night’s feature event will be an indoor match at 7:30pm, where two teams made up of past pros, will compete against each other. The two sides will be captained and coached by men who are both local and international legends; Alan Hinton and Jimmy Gabriel.

With 39 years of professional playing experience in Europe and the United States, and a combined total of 1,116 first team appearances, Jimmy Gabriel and Alan Hinton had plenty to pass on to their pupils when they became managers. Both men are also familiar with northwest soccer from their time as coaches for the Sounders and other Puget Sound teams.

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The Legends:

HONORARY COACHES Jimmy Gabriel  (Pro Player 1957 – 1979, Coach 1977-2005)Alan Hinton  (Pro Player 1961 – 1978, Coach 1979 – 1994)

PLAYERS - (More to be announced soon)

      Craig Tomlinson        (Pro Player 1999-2008, Coach 1998-Present)
      Chance Fry        (Pro Player 1983-1997, Coach 1999-Present
      Tim Bartro     (Pro Player 1982 – 1996, Coach 1997 - Present)
      Shannon Murray     (Pro Player 1993 – 1998, Coach 1995 - Present)
      Fawzi Belal      (Pro Player 2004-2012,  Coach 2012  – Present)
      Gabe Sturm      (Pro Player 2005 – 2008)
      Ben Dragavon      (Pro Player 2006 – 2009, Coach 2012 – Present)
      Todd Stauber      (Pro Player 1994 – 2001, Coach 1998 – Present)
      Wade Webber      (Pro Player 1986-1999, Coach 1989–Present)
      Colin Rigby      (Pro Player 2007-2008, Coach 2010–Present)
      Danny Jackson      (Pro Player 2002-2009)
      Taylor Graham      (Pro Player 2003-2011)
      Tom Bunnell     (Playing Career 1985-1987, Coach 1985- Present)
      Teddy Mitalas     (Pro Player 1981 – 1986, Coach 1990 – Present)
      Darren Sawatzky      (Pro Player 1995 – 2004, Coach 2005 – Present)
      Ricci Greenwood      (Pro Player 1996 – 2001, Coach 2005 – Present)
*INJURED - Leighton O’Brien  (Pro Player 1999 – 2011, Coach 2002 – Present)
More to be named…