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Schmid on "mass confrontation" fines; Clint Dempsey on targeted tackles in MLS and EPL

Here's what Schmid had to say on Sounders FC and him personally being fined for "mass confrontation" during the Portland game Sunday:

"The mass confrontation, I think you could call that in most every game," he said. "Some games, what is it? Is it three? Is it four? If a guy stays there for 30 seconds versus 35 seconds? It’s sort of hard to determine sometimes. I think a lot of teams have been warned this year. There are probably a lot of teams sitting on one warning, and we were sitting on one warning. I don’t know what the want the coach to do. We can address it, we can talk about it before the game and do those things. But once it happens, we’re not allowed out of our box. So if I run out of our box and pull guys back I get bigger fine. So what am I supposed to do? I just stand there and say, OK, I’m going to end up having to play a thousand dollars."

DEMPSEY on the hard tackle that caused his sprained shoulder early in the first half: "It’s a smart foul. But I think the refs need to do a better job of when people make those types of tackles and it’s on a counter attack, that it is stopping an attack and most of the times those are situations where you get the yellow card. And I think when you start reffing in that way, I think it affects the way that people play. People are not going to be as reckless. They’re going to be more controlled and they’re going to have to be more careful about when they go to ground and the fouls that they commit. That’s just kind of how I looked at it, but at the end of the day, I don’t think it was a bad tackle – I thought it was a smart one – but I think it’s a tackle that you should get punished for a little bit because you are on a counterattack and you’re trying to promote attacking soccer. That’s what the fans want to see."

DEMPSEY on if he has felt targeted in MLS: "In any of those type of games, a rivalry is going to be heated, it’s going to be competitive, it’s going to be physical. But also I think that what I notice between this league and the Premiership, I think both of them are physical, but I think it’s a little bit more reckless here. I think in the Premier League that you could get punished more, so you have to be careful about when you do go to ground. And I think it’s more of a control thing."