Sounders Insider

Schmid takes blame for combinations not working

Here is some of what the Sounders had to say today after a fourth straight loss, this one 2-0 at Dallas:

Coach SIGI SCHMIDGeneral thoughts on the match…It rests on my shoulders that we haven’t been able to come up with combinations that work for us. We’ve had some chances but haven’t been able to convert those chances. Guys are trying, they’re fighting and battling. The combinations on the field just haven’t been able to produce the goals that we wanted and needed at this point. The guys are obviously disappointed. Sometimes maybe the pass is off a little bit, at the wrong time, the wrong place. Right now we seem to be pressing a little bit and that’s my responsibility.

On Clint Dempsey…Clint battled but is he at 100 percent with his shoulder right now? No. Then he took a knock that one time in the box. When you fall on it and the pain is there. You’re aware of it.

DEMPSEYGeneral thoughts on today’s match…It felt good to be playing back in Texas again. There’s been a lot of “stop-start.” I’ve been with the national team, then having an injury, being out for three games here, then with the national team. It’s hard to catch your rhythm. But if we can get the right result in the last game, we can make the playoffs and keep competing.

On being back in his home state of Texas…It’s always good to come back to Texas, whether it’s Houston, whether it’s Dallas. I grew up playing in Dallas but I also played games in Houston. It’s good to come back. I get to see my family when I’m here. Playing with the Dallas Longhorns and the Dallas Texans allowed me to go to college and allowed me to be a professional.

On the Sounders FC recent struggles…Every team has its ups and downs. You’ve just got to keep fighting and keep grinding. The stronger you are, the farther you’ll go. Hopefully we can turn things around, get the right result in the final game and make the playoffs. It takes one game to be back on track. It takes one game to make a big mistake and fall off. It doesn’t take much in this game for things to go up and down.

On how he felt personally…I’m still working on my fitness. A large part of my game is holding people off. I’m not the fastest on the field so I use my strength to get into good positions and body players and get space for myself. Not being able to use my left arm is impacting that.

Midfielder BRAD EVANSGeneral thoughts on the match…The fight and desire is always there. It’s just execution at the front and the back. We had two good chances to make it 1-1 or 2-1, if that chip goes in. It’s just the little things. We give up a set piece goal, something we talked about, and it slides in past the post and that’s kind of been the name of the game for us the last few weeks. Now we get a couple of days off to regroup and we’ve just got to fight like hell next weekend.

On Clint Dempsey…It is difficult to come in and be a contributor right away. No matter who you are. He’s done a good job. Today he was man-marked. Whenever he touched the ball he had no room to breathe. And that’s how we approach it too. It happens with the good players in the league, international level players, [the opponent would] rather have another guy with the ball than Clint with the ball. So it’s going to be an adjustment period but we’re close. We’ve just got to keep plugging away.

On what corrections need to be made…It’s about getting everybody on the field at the same time. Maybe next week is the perfect storm. Maybe it happens next Sunday and we get everybody healthy, get the result we need and we take off in the playoffs.