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Schmid defends Sounders' path to playoffs

Usually, the post-practice interview session with coach Sigi Schmid begins with a question. Not today. Today, coach Sigi Schmid had a statement:

"I want to apologize that we didn’t win five in a row at the end of the season to make the playoffs," he said. "I know that’s only considered a playoff team if you win five in a row. But I’d rather be in the playoffs than be in San Jose’s shoes where they win a lot of games at the end and don’t make the playoffs. To make the playoffs you’ve got to get points at some point in the season. We got our points in the middle of the season. We didn’t start off well early. We haven’t so far finished well. But at the end of the day we got enough points to get into the playoffs."

In a way, that statement sort of echoed the mood gathered from other quotes from the club today: balancing pride in making the playoffs with the six-game winless streak and four-game losing streak that the club will carry into the regular-season finale against LA on Sunday.

I'll be back with more soon.