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Sounders' GM agrees coach not at fault, but "everyone can do a little bit better"

Sounders majority owner Joe Roth was quoted on Sports Illustrated's Planet Futbol as saying coach Sigi Schmid isn't at fault for the club's ongoing six-game winless streak.

We asked Schmid and general manager Adrian Hanauer today about the comments.

"I didn’t even know about that until somebody told me about that yesterday that they had read it," Schmid said. "I try not to look at a lot of that stuff."

Here's what Hanauer had to say when asked about the quote, and if it means necessarily that Schmid will be invited back for a sixth season"

"I loved I think it was Mark Watson’s quote with San Jose – his title is interim head coach of San Jose – he said every coach is an interim head coach. It’s true. And Sigi’s been around to know that owners are emotional. Things change. It’s reality. But I do agree with Joe. If we’re placing blame, there’s plenty to go around, from Joe and Adrian as owners to Adrian as general manager and his team of scouts and getting the players, coaching, medical, sports science, players, business side. We can go down the list, and everybody can do a little bit better. And again, in the off-season, that’s our job: to figure out where we can optimize and tweak and get better and hopefully avoid some of the inconsistencies. That’s a word that I think is appropriate for this season: It has been inconsistent."