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Johnson back at training, he and club seem solid

Eddie Johnson returned to training today. No firm details on what happened earlier this week, but he and coach Sigi Schmid portrayed the issue as something in the past.

It sounds like he's able and eager to play Sunday and said he still feels supported by the club.

Here's what coach Sigi Schmid had to say:

On Eddie Johnson status: It was a one-day thing. We talked, and we moved forward. It’s like families; families, sometimes you disagree and you move on. ... We’ve talked. We’re OK. Not a problem.

On if absence was a disciplinary measure: As I said at the time, it was my decision. He respected that decision and we moved on.

On Johnson' status for LA game Sunday: Health-wise he felt good. He was able to do the whole practice today, all the training. He was felt good. So we’ll see how he feels tomorrow and then we’ll make a decision.

Here's what Johnson had to say:

On the fans should know about what happened this week: Obviously, I’ve been frustrated. I’ve been injured -- got injured with the national team -- and I know how important it is for our team right now. The last four games, even before I went to the national team, our run of play hasn’t been good as late. We haven’t been getting the results that we’ve wanted. Me being a guy that’s an important part of this team, being injured, I’ve been really frustrated. I’ve been frustrated with the time they sent me out to be out for, and I felt like after that training session, everything that’s been going on, it’s more me frustrated with myself knowing how important I am within the team and how much I want to be out there to help my teammates and put ourselves in a good position for the playoffs.

On if the time away was a good thing: It was just something where the best thing for me was to take the day off. Being frustrated, you don’t want to get out on the field. When you’re out there push more, it sets yourself back. Another day’s rest and a harder training session today was the plan, and I felt good today and I’m looking forward to the game on Sunday.

On possible frustrations playing with less-skilled teammates: At the end of the day, I’m a competitor. The coach knows that. I train how I play. This is a very good team, and I hold my standards high, and I hold my teammates’ standard high, as well too. A lot of things get misperceived when they see it on the field. It’s because we have a special team, and a lot of us might not play together, so you want to enjoy what you have. Leaving and going to the national team with better players, I think it’s to us to come back and make our teammates better. So I’m one of those guys who is more of a vocal leader in how I play. When I’m on, it’s contagious. When Clint Dempsey is on his game, it’s contagious within the team. When Brad Evans is on his game, it’s contagious in the team. With Mauro, the veteran guys that the younger guys look up to, when we’re on our game, it’s contagious in the team. I try to hold my standards high and as well as my teammates’ standard high.

On if he feels supported by the team: Oh, yeah. Me being out and guys texting me and talking to me and telling me how much they need me back to help the team. At the end of the day, it’s not what everyone else is talking about as long as we know what we’ve going on within this team. We’ve set our goals this year, and you can ask every guy on this team, they’re confident in me 100 percent, as well as I am with them. That’s what it’s about at the end of the day: Us. Even when we’ve had a difficult time throughout this year, being true to ourselves and what we believe in, that’s what got us into the playoffs. They can say results went our way, but it’s about making the playoffs. It’s not about winning every game. With the talent we’ve got within this team, we’re in the playoffs and we still have everything in our control.

I'll be back with more from coach Sigi Schmid.