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LA reaction: Keane says he intended to bounce ball in, Donovan mocks no-goal ruling

Here's some of what the Galaxy had to say tonight after thier 1-1 draw at Seattle:

Robbie Keane – LA Galaxy Forward(On the game…) “It’s always dangerous when a team goes 1-0 up and when you’re playing against the Galaxy, we know we’re quite capable of scoring at any time and that was the case. So maybe in the first half they thought the game was over, but in the second half we came back strong and looked like the team that was always going to score.” (On his goal…) “It was a great touch for Hector [Jimenez]. I think Hector, when he came on, made a massive difference. He was getting in behind them, he was difficult for them. He was tracking in behind where it gave me time to come up and then drop it. A couple times before that he put the ball back and had a shot the goalkeeper saved. Then on the goal he touched it back to me and I knew I had to just hit it into the ground because there were bodies and with this turf I knew it was going to take off and lucky enough it did.” Landon Donovan – LA Galaxy Forward (On the performance…) “That was the type of performance that champions make and we got away from that a little bit in the last few weeks but I thought tonight was just a bunch of men that put it in and put in a real performance. It’s a little disappointing because we probably should have won the game but to fight back after all that and still get the goal and get the tie we needed was really important.” (On Gonzalez’s controversial no-goal…) “I saw it very clearly. I saw it as clearly as the linesman so for me it was a no-brainer. I was looking right across waiting for him to put his flag up and signal goal but for whatever reason he didn’t. I would suggest that goal-line technology would help but that one didn’t even need goal-line technology. It was real obvious. It’s unfortunate; we’ve had a little hard luck with some linesmen this year but hopefully gets better in the playoffs.” (On the defensive performance…) “Our back four was great. I don’t think they had too many great chances. Even the goal was really fluky. I thought they were terrific. The way we handled the end of the game was very mature and playing with two rookies on the left side of our defense so I think that says a lot about the depth we built. To come into a game like that and have those two in the back line and the back line as a whole perform that way was very good.” Robbie Rogers – LA Galaxy Midfielder(On the game…) “It was a great game. It was a tough game and I was surprised I lasted as long as I did. I thought I put in a pretty good shift defensively. I almost had that chance in the first half., but I’ve seen myself improve every week since I’ve come back from injury so I want to keep progressing. Obviously we’re going to the playoffs now so it’s a good time to really help our team out but the guys did so well today; such a great team performance. It really kind of made my job easy. I thought defensively as a team we were really good so it was enjoyable.” (On improving in the final third…) “Yeah, I think a lot of it comes with fitness and game sharpness so of course it would be great to get more games but there’s no time for that now. I’ll just try to take this week and get some extra fitness, get some extra work and be ready for Sunday.”