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Sounders react to end of season, look to playoffs

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say tonight after the 1-1 draw with LA that gives Seattle the fourth seed in the West and sends them on to a knockout home match at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Lamar Neagle – Sounders FC Midfielder(On tonight’s performance…) “We can take some bright spots from it. I think definitely in the first half we had some chemistry we’ve been wanting for a few games now, so that’s a positive. We would have a result and skip this one, but it’s the playoffs now so it’s a whole new season and we’re ready.” (On getting the first-half goal…) “That’s a few of the things we’ve done in the past—we come out really hard and end up not getting a goal and this time we ended up getting one, so that’s good. Just sustaining that pressure and keeping them in the back is what we were planning on doing.” Michael Gspurning – Sounders FC Goalkeeper(On Fan Appreciation Night…) “It was time to say thank you to the fans and for their support this year. It’s a good idea to have Fan Appreciation Night. Of course we wanted to win, but now we are in the playoffs and we’ll see the fans on Wednesday. That’s the good thing—we will have great support when we need it against Colorado.” (On preparing for the playoffs…) “It’s just looking forward now. We wanted to avoid this game [against Colorado] but now we got it. All of our minds are ready for Wednesday and that’s the most important thing.” (On preparing for another match in a few days…) “We know how to train for a game in three days and that isn’t an issue at all. Of course everybody will need a special energy for playoffs. We know a lot of the fans that were here today are going to be in the stands on Wednesday to cheer us on. It is big that we at least have this game at home.” Djimi Traore – Sounders FC Defender(On tonight’s performance…) “The result is not the best for us because we tried to avoid the game on Wednesday, but it’s done and we have to move forward. It’s good for us because Colorado beat us badly last game and we would like the revenge. I think we will try to do everything to correct that.” (On preparing for playoffs…) “It’s the same. [Colorado] played today and they lost […] We can go into the game with more confidence. It’s nice to have everyone back on the team and now the playoffs start Wednesday night and for us it’s a great opportunity. (On the team’s confidence…) “To be honest, for us we lost four games in a row and it was important to play well and don’t lose because LA is a really good team, and I think we did very well. But unfortunately we drew, and it’s like that, and now our confidence is back. We never lost anything from the team it was only a matter of getting everybody healthy and now we can see the end of the tunnel—everybody is ready and everybody is there to play for the playoffs.”

Adam Moffat – Sounders FC Midfielder(On if history shows that playoff seeding might not matter…) “Yeah, it doesn’t at all. You look at last year, and the Galaxy finished in fourth, I believe, and they almost lost that play-in game against Vancouver last year, but then once they got to the series games they beat San Jose and eventually ended up getting to the final. For us in Houston, we had to travel for our game and we still made it. So it doesn’t matter. You look at teams like [Real] Salt Lake, Colorado when they won, they all weren’t in the greatest positions. It really doesn’t matter. Once you get in there it’s all about producing your best, and if not then you’re probably going to lose. We need to get back the form that we had a couple of months ago and I feel like we could definitely win.” (On the team’s overall play today…) “I think we played well. I think that we’re disappointed that we didn’t score more goals, and put more in the back of the net. That’s what you’ve got to do. It’s frustrating, but at the same time we have a home game on Wednesday and we expect to win. Hopefully we take care of business.” DeAndre Yedlin – Sounders FC Defender(On his play…) “I think that young people, especially now with the way the game is changing, are able to make a much bigger impact on the game just because of the athleticism. Obviously soccer is a lot bigger in the U.S. now, so just watching games in Europe and watching games in the MLS younger players are learning more and more every day. I think with each game, young players are able to come in and show that we’re the future of this league.” (On the busy week and the team’s overall chemistry…) “We put the past away, and part of being a professional is putting things away and being able to not be distracted by outside things. We’re just staying focused, and hopefully everything goes well.”