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Sounders cite success of low seeds in playoffs

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say tonight after they started what they hope is a long playoff run with a 2-0 win over the Colorado Rapids.

Forward EDDIE JOHNSON(On his mindset going in to the game...) "We really wanted to carry the momentum from the first half of last game into this game. We came out and pushed the game from the start. Brad Evans scored a world class goal and we tried to take the momentum from there. All through the season we have worked through adversity, and with [Michael] Gspurning going out we knew we would only get one chance, but [Clint] Dempsey, [Lamar] Neagle and myself are always confident that we can put one away. It was just a great way to seal the game." (On scoring a goal...) "For me it is about rhythm. I have been off for two and a half weeks and it has been frustrating. Last game I think I got out and was trying to do too much, but this game I just wanted to relax. I knew it was going to be a physical game and I knew it was going to be a difficult game, but I was in it, I was focused for 90 minutes, and when my opportunity came I made the best of it." (On the quick turnaround for Saturday...) "We are on to the next round. It gives players a chance to get healthy and it gives us momentum. I have been here for two years and this is a strong team we have right now. We all know that we won't always be able to play with each other and we are just trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Look at this crowd, bro. We wanted to give them a win tonight and we did that." (On how far momentum can take you in the playoffs...) "LA did it last year. Houston did it last year, too, when they snuck in the playoffs. We just want to take it one game at a time. We are delighted to get this win tonight. As much as tonight was for the fans, I was doing it for [Sounders FC Assistant Equipment Manager Scott Tranilla], whose wife passed away. My goal was to get this win for her." Midfielder/defender BRAD EVANS(On the win as a whole...) "For us in the locker room, we got the mentality that all was not lost in the last couple of weeks. We came out hot tonight. It kind of propelled us to this victory tonight. We have been in the 1-0 situation before and we have conceded and or lost those games so we were trying to be a little but smarter tonight. We were really trying to get [a goal] at the end to seal it and we were able to." (On his goal...) "It was actually something I thought about a little today. I thought that I was going to score on a volley and I was just hoping it was going to come true. The ball came across and I was able to chest it down. When I saw a little bit of a gap I was able to get good contact on the ball and find the back of the net.

(On if this team has enough for Saturday...) "We've done this before. When it is a playoff game you try and throw everything out the window. Is it going to be perfect? No, but at the same time it is mental at this point. Coming off a win you always feel a little bit better. It is easier to wake up the next morning and get back on the grind. We will probably have a good day tomorrow with it being Halloween and then we will settle in and start focusing on the next game." (On if you are already thinking about Portland...) "Yeah, of course. I was already thinking about it beforehand. We haven't been in the playoff situation before so it will be interesting, and I am ready for it.”

Midfielder ADAM MOFFAT(On the win feeling good…) “Yes, definitely. It’s been a bit rough. But we made it to the playoffs and it’s a big win for us, I thought we played well, got the result we were looking for.” (On the feeling now compared to last year with Houston Dynamo…) “You know this one’s a little bit trickier. Last year we were in Chicago. We were in the 4th/5th place play-in game so it was a little bit of a trickier game. We got through that and the momentum just started from there. We ended up winning the next few games and making a run to the final so I mean it’s the same kind of feeling you know. We didn’t finish the season too strong but once you’re in there anything can happen.” (On difficulty adjusting to a new team…) “Yeah, definitely. Sometimes it takes a little while to get used to playing with different players and playing on different surfaces. That stuff can take a while and I’m feeling good physically. I’m feeling good.”