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Gspurning explains card, Hahnemann will start vs. Timbers, reserve will come from MLS keeper pool

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say about Michael Gspurning's red card tonight... and it's implications for Saturday.

Marcus Hahnemann will start in goal against the Timbers on Saturday, while Gspurning sits out his one-game suspension. The reserve keeper will have to come from the MLS pool, as Josh Ford remains on the injured list and no roster additions can be made during the playoffs.

MICHAEL GSPURNINGOn the red card: “Sometimes goalkeepers have to make decisions in split seconds … I just wanted to be ready if the ball is bouncing low. We talked about this at halftime, that they will chip the balls over the defense. I wanted to be ready and took a step forward and it bounced a little higher than expected, and I thought, ‘OK I’m not too far from the box, so I can make two steps back and should catch it.’ But I think I missed one step back.”

On his disappointment of missing the first game of the Portland series: Very disappointing, but I’m happy for the team. I’m happy for the team that we are through. I know that Marcus will be ready, and that’s all that matters. Soccer is a team sport, not just from 11 guys. It’s more or less the whole squad.

Coach SIGI SCHMID (On Gspurning’s red card…) “I talked to him. He felt that if he would have been sideways on that he might have noticed that there was no one from their team that was going to break in behind him and he could have let the ball go over his head and he could have picked it up in the 18-yard box. But he wasn’t sure and he wanted to come out and head the ball, and realized the ball had bounced too high for him to head it. He thought he had jumped back into the box and then caught the ball, and then he was outside the box. The referee decided it was a red card—I don’t know how their goalkeeper doesn’t get a red card on the play earlier, but that’s the referee’s decisions.” (On the team’s goalkepeper situation…) “Hahnemann is an experienced goalkeeper. I think our goalkeeper situation—people make a lot out of it over the last few weeks—like I said before I think it was just two bad games, not entirely attributed to the goalkeeper, but also to us not playing good defense in those two games. I feel very confident, I always have, that we have two of the better goalkeepers in the league, so we don’t lose anything, we don’t gain anything. Hahnemann’s kicking is a little better than Michael’s, so he might try to score a goal off of a goal kick or something, but that’s about it.”

MARCUS HAHNEMANNI’m glad I get a chance to play, and get a chance to play on Saturday.