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Schmid: "We're as healthy as we can be right now"

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid didn't tip his lineup choices for Thursday much, but he had these updates on recovering players DeAndre Yedlin, Obafemi Martins, Leo Gonzalez and Zach Scott:

"They were able to do what we wanted them to do, which was important," he said. "So DeAndre got through the portion of practice we wanted him to get through. Oba got through what we wanted him to get through – stepped it up from yesterday, so that was really really encouraging. Leo we kept inside. Zach with the cracked rib played – got through the training that we thought he could get through. So we’re pleased. We’re as healthy as we can be right now."

He also was asked about Osvaldo Alonso, who was seen after training with an ice pack on his knee.

"He took a little knock in the game when he went in for one tackle, but he was fine today," Schmid said. "He felt fine."

More from Schmid on other topics:

On eagerness to get equalizing goal early: We know we need a goal. I don’t care if we get that goal in the first five minutes or the last five. But at the end of the day we need to win the game. You have a plan going into every game, and we’ll have our plan, but then games take on a life of their own. … We know we don’t want to concede, so that’s an important part of the game. We’ve got to see are they going to press it at the beginning or are they going to sit back a little bit and again counter the way they did last game, or is that just the way the game tended? Their field plays tighter than our field does, so from that standpoint we have to take that into account. But at the end, our guys know that we want to have a clean sheet in the back and we want to get a goal.

I think in the last three games that we’ve played, we’ve played pretty good soccer. We’ve carried the game, we’ve taken the game to the opponent, and we haven’t gotten the result in the game against Portland. At the end of the day that’s all that matters, so I don’t care if it’s pretty or ugly, I don’t care if the set pieces are pretty or ugly, I don’t care if it’s a set piece goal, a deflection goal – in fact, we would appreciate a deflection goal, we haven’t gotten one of those in a while. So anything like that counts forus.

On whether the possibility of PKs will affect lineup decisions: I don’t think it’s going to affect our starting lineup necessarily. Obviously it impact maybe when you makes subs in the second half: You’ve got to see where the game stands. If it looks like you might go into overtime, a lot of times you try and hold at least one sub for the overtime. So it has more impact then than it does before the game.