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Schmid says he wants to return; changes ahead

Here's what coach Sigi Schmid said tonight when asked if his desire and expectation is to return as coach next season:

"I don’t want to walk away. I know there are probably people out there who would like me to walk away. The press—you guys like that. It’s a situation of I think there’s a good base of talent. There a good base of people we can work with. But there’s improvements and changes that we have to make. At the end of the day my job security is really in the hands of Adrian and Joe Roth."

Schmid was asked if he feels secure.

"I feel secure, but you have to ask them," he said.

General manager Adrian Hanauer declined interview requests tonight.

Schmid also was asked what happens now as the 2013 season switches to the off-season leading to the 2014 season.

"We’ll meet with players at the end of the season -- the end of the season is now – talk to them and we’re going to make our plans for next year," he said. "Every year the group changes a bit, so they’ll be some changes in the group again. We’ve got to become a little more consistent than we were next year."

This part of the interview ended with Schmid being asked if he thinks the pieces are here to win MLS Cup.

"I think we have some pieces," he said. "I think we have to add some."