Sounders Insider

Sounders take blame, praise Timbers

Here's some of what the Sounders had to say after their season came to an end tonight with a 3-2 loss in Portland:

Midfielder BRAD EVANSOn keys to the match and result:"Key moments against good teams in the first half, and keeping the ball in good positions and one, two missed passes against a good counter-attacking team and they're gonna put it down your throat. What I saw in the game was a couple missed passes and then they're turned and then we're turned and then we're kind of chasing at that point. Against a good team, they're gonna to make you pay and they did twice. And then the tactics kind of get thrown out the window and we're chasing at that point."

On the point in the game where it started to get away:“Like I said, a couple key moments in the first half, and they punish us. Against a good team at home, it's going to be difficult to claw back. In saying that, we pulled two goals back in the second half and maybe if we don't concede that third one, I think that we probably get a third one and we make it really interesting. But, one goal shy again and that seems to be the lifeline over the past couple years, just one goal."

Forward EDDIE JOHNSONOn the difference in the game:"No, it's not fight. It's just when you play with confidence, when everyone wants the ball, you can't wait to play a team like Portland that's very good at home. That's one of the best teams in the league, and to put yourself down three goals and then you wake up and want to play … No, you got to play like that from minute one to minute 90 and we didn't want to play. We put our backs against wall and that doesn't work at this level."

On the team’s offense and finding space:"First of all, to run off space, we got to have guys get on the ball for our strikers to find space. If the game becomes very direct, we're playing into their strengths and that's what [the Timbers] want. They want the ball to myself, or to [Clint Dempsey], in the air. That suits them. But if we can get guys on the ball and have guys that are confident on the ball and play through the middle and then we can get slipped 5- or 10-yard balls, then it's easier for them to get their back four disjointed. We weren't able to do that tonight and that's why they were successful."

On changes to the lineup:"Whoever is out there, there's enough experience up top to score goals – bottom line. We've got enough quality up top to score goals. In a big game like this, guys just got to step up and score goals.”