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Tacoma's Cam Weaver and Schmid see possible upside/little downside to his working with Sounders

Former A-League Sounder and recent Houston Dynamo Cam Weaver worked with the Sounders today at Starfire.

Here's what Weaver and coach Sigi Schmid had to say about it:

SCHMID: We wanted the opportunity to sort of look at him, evaluate him. So we decided to bring him in. We wanted to get through the other set of players that we had in earlier: wanted to cut down a little bit. So now we’ll look at Cam and see. Anytime you can maybe pick up a veteran guy who wants to be back in Seattle, but obviously he’s got experience in the league – we’ll see if it’s the right fit, if it makes sense. If it makes sense we’ll do it; and if not nothing’s going to be lost by it.

WEAVER: In Houston last year came up a little bit short, and we talked with the staff there and decided that it’s best if I move on. So, I’ve just been trying to figure out what’s next for me. I’ve been kind of bouncing around between Houston and up here – obviously I’m from here, my parents are still in Kent – just trying to stay fit in case things work out I’m going to continue to play. I’m just very fortunate that the Sounders will let me come out and train and just kind of see what’s going on and if things might be able to work out. We’ll see what happens.

More from Weaver:

On watching Seattle in MLS: Coming in and playing in ’06 with the Sounders and then seeing everything that’s happened – the level that’s changed since then – is just incredible. I’m a Northwest kid at heart, I’m very proud even though I haven’t been a part of it so far I just feel proud that this whole area has just embraced the sport and the team and everything – even though I’ve been on a rival team since this happened. It’s cool. I still feel somewhat a part of it even though I’ve been on the outside for a while.

On memories from 2006 Sounders: I was a young kid just straight out of college and I didn’t take time to really soak it all in. It just happened so fast after that season that I jumped straight on a plane and went overseas to start playing. But I think just everything aobut that season – it was my first professional year – so it was so exciting just to be able to do what you love for a living in front of hometown family, friends. It was great.

On tying for goals lead that first season: It all just happened so fast. I was the last guy added to the roster that year and just tried to work my tail off and the opportunity came up and I took it and ended up having a good season and just kept on going game by game, and by the end I was on top of the scoring charts. I was just like, ‘Wow, what happened.”

On being reunited with Zach Scott and Brian Schmetzer: It’s great. I would see those guys briefly when we were playing against them, I just got to say hi. But it’s nice to be able to have a chat with them and see them. Zach’s a legend. It’s great to see him out here still doing his thing.

On chances of making this team: I know the season’s a few weeks away and the roster’s pretty full and the team usually is pretty set, you’re looking forward to that first game right around the corner. We’ll see what happens.