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Schmid overviews on the game and the preseason

Here is some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say about tonight's 2-2 draw with D.C. United and his team's 6-0-3 preseason overall.

Tonight: I was disappointed that we fell behind twice. One was we didn’t react very quickly on the first throw in that resulted in the penalty kick, and obviously we lost a mark on the corner kick on the other one. Other than that I was very happy and pleased with what we did. I liked our ability to come back and fight back. I thought we had chances to win the game for sure. I thought we had chances in the first half to score more than one goal, as well. So I was really proud of our attention in terms of our ability to get back in the game and put pressure on them and create chances.

The preseason: It’s good. We don’t want to lose games, so that’s something there. But I’m not happy with the fact that we took two goals tonight. That’s something that we want to make sure we work on next week so we’re better on set pieces, because obviously we’re obviously playing a team that’s good on set pieces, in Kansas City. But overall I’ve been pleased with it. We’ve seen some guys step up and make contributions so we’re able to make some final decisions on players and the spirit of the team is really good.

On the week ahead: The week ahead) We want to make sure that we’re rested and we’re ready to go and we’re sharp and energetic and able to bring that to it. I think our ball movement has gotten better since we’ve been here. I thought our ball movement today was really really good. I think we need to work on some things defensively a little bit and sure those those up and make sure we’re more dangerous on our set pieces and make sure that we don’t give any up.

On Evans and Pappa and other combinations: I thought our midfield did all right. I thought Evans and Alonso did well together in the middle of midfield today, and I thought Pappa found good times to come off the line and add to that midfield and that opened up space for Dylan to get forward – he had an assist on the first goal. We got space on the other side with DeAndre getting forward as well, I was pleased with how that all worked together.

On Kenny Cooper's goal: It’s always important for a goal-scorer to score a goal, so … hopefully many more will follow. Usually goal-scorers are a little bit streaky, so I was happy for him in that way.