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Sounders Pappa, Frei react to new home turf

With the CenturyLink FieldTurf back in the news today, we asked a couple of new Sounders about their new home pitch.

Midfielder MARCO PAPPA: It’s no excuses, but you have to adapt to the turf for sure. The first touch you have to make with the ball is a little bit different, so you have to adapt in those kinds of things. At the end of the day, it’s the same game for everybody, but we’re always looking forward to be better, always.

Goalkeeper STEFAN FREI: I hope it’s going to be consistent. You have to figure out the bounce and stuff a little bit. That’s one thing that turf should give you is consistency, once you figure out how it skips and whatnot. It’s pretty fast, to be fair, and hopefully we’ll get used to it.