Sounders Insider

GM: Sounders expect another MLS attendance record

The Sounders set a club record for opening day attendance on Saturday, and general manager Adrian Hanauer said today that the club is on pace to set a sixth straight MLS attendance record this season. (The current recrod from last season is a 44,038 average.)

"I do," he said. "I saw an article in the Seattle Weekly – I can’t remember who wrote it – but he unscientifically asked his season-ticket-holder friends whether they were still interested, and the answer was no. Our data does not correspond to his unscientific poll. We’re mid-34,000s in season tickets – we think we’ll get to 35,000 (from a bit under 34,000 last season). We just released that six pack: selling lots of those. Anticipate great crowds in those all-stadium games. Sponsors are as interested as ever. TV ratings were good locally and good nationally for the opener. So none of the data leads me to think that this is going anywhere than up. That isn’t to say that I don’t still wake up in the middle of the night scared to death every night that we can screw it up. We need to keep being diligent and focused and fan-centric and do all the things that we think we’ve done in the first five years. And given that it was a downpour, the energy in the building on Saturday, the attendance, leads me to believe that we’re still pretty relevant."