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Dempsey on his goal and incident with Bloom

Here's some of what Sounders designated player Clint Dempsey had to say today after scoring Seattle's lone goal in its 2-1 loss to Toronto:

(On his first goal…) "It's bittersweet. It feels good to have contributed in a positive way, but at the same time we're not happy with the result. I thought we did a better job in the second half moving the ball. They kind of set back and we're trying to grind out the three points. I thought we created some good chances, we just weren't able to get the equalizer goal."

On seeming to intentionally slap Mike Bloom below the belt) To be honest with you, I felt a hand on my back. I tried to hit it away. I thought I was hitting his hand away. So, I mean, I understand that maybe I did catch him a little bit. I apologized about that. But to me, all I was trying to do was slap his hand from touching my back.

(On the loss…) "I mean it's frustrating, but at the same time you just have to learn from the mistakes that you make and try to keep pushing forward. We'll look at the tape, see the good things that we did well also and try to enforce that, but we'll work hard in this next week and make sure we get it right for Montreal."

(On Head Coach Sigi Schmid being pleased with the way the team came out in the second half…) "We were on the front foot. We were pushing to try to get something out of the game. We weren't just sitting back and accepting the situation of being down 2-0 and thinking we didn't have a chance. I thought we showed character, we kept fighting and pushing for the goal, and it looked like the equalizer was going to come. Unfortunately we weren't able to make it happen."

(On the opportunities to score…) "We just have to keep going, just try to be a little bit better in front of the goal, but at the same time we are creating chances and we're happy with that. We just have to keep going because if we look at the first two games we've scored in both and that's always good. We just have to try to do a better job with limiting the goals that we can see."

(On what it means getting his first goal of the season the second game in…) "I don't look at it like that. I keep the same mindset. I keep going out, working hard and trying to get as many goals as possible. Every game out I'm trying to score. Whether I score the game before, I'm always wanting to score or create chances and trying to put other people on to goals, get assists, and stuff like that. We just have to keep moving forward. So far I'm happy with the first two games in terms of getting a goal and an assist, but I have to keep pushing and there is more to come. We want to do more as a team and try to make a push to win the MLS Cup this year."

(On how hard is it to try to avoid getting frustrated after getting fouled so much in that game…) "I think everybody was getting frustrated. I think there were 21 fouls against us, 25? Yeah, 25. The game before that there were 25 so that's 50. I think from a fans perspective it's not fun to watch a game with that many stoppages, and also for the spectators at home watching the game. When you see it just being stop start stop start, foul, foul, foul it's definitely frustrating for everybody."