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Pineda impressed with Sounders supporters; read this and feeling will be mutual

The appearance was very special to Pineda -- to the point of tears, he admitted -- because he knows something about injury himself. He came to the Sounders after suffering a sports hernia with Queretaro that for a time he thought would mean the end of his career.

Here is some of what Pineda had to say:

On his recovery: (The doctor for Chivas Guadalajara) made a surgery about that injury and that was in August last year. So I didn’t train like almost 10 months. It’s difficult to return when you didn’t touch a ball in 10 months, but I am trying my best. I think the training is very hard, it’s very good to be, and I’m getting better each day.On returning to the game: Before my surgery I cam to the Chicago Fire and tried out for one week. I felt like I wasn’t good, right, so then I say ‘Thank you for the opportunity, but I can’t be like this.’ So I tried the surgery. It was hard, but I think that they are giving a very good opportunity to me to get back, and I try my best.

On if he considered retirement: Yeah, of course, absolutely. It wasn’t easy for me, for my family, because I was dealing with depression. Of course, then I think, ‘Hey, that’s it, I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to keep playing like this.’ I say, ‘Well, I want to retire.’ I don’t know the time passed, and I felt like, ‘Hey, I’m 31, and I want to bring something more from soccer. I want to be champion again. I want to be on the field again.’ So that’s what I’m trying to do, you know: to enjoy every day. And then when I came with the Sounders it was like a very new experience, it was like my first time in soccer. So I’m trying to enjoy every single day in here.

On taking the pitch Saturday: We lost, so I get sad a little bit. But also when I was alone Saturday after the game, I cried, because I don’t know, it was very special to me to get back on the field and play a game again after all the sufferings, the pain, for me, for my family. I am very happy to be here, so I am trying just to get better each day and contribute with the team.

On the home crowd: That was amazing. That was just perfect. I never seen that because in Mexico when you lose a game, even with your own crowd, they are always saying ‘Booo, come on, why did you lose.’ So after the game I hope that they crowd they say ‘You didn’t do well, right?’ But after the game, they always support us. That was very special. That was very good to me. That means that we have a very good crowd, so that makes me – I don’t know how to say in English – have to do my best for this crowd also.