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Schmid says MLS disciplinary committee "looking at" Dempsey, but no ruling yet

Despite multiple unattributed reports that MLS has suspended Clint Dempsey for two games, coach Sigi Schmid said today that the club has received no ruling from the league.

"There's nothing we can say officially at this stage," Schmid said. "So we've got to wait until the league makes an announcement.

On if he thinks a suspension would be warranted: "That's not my decision. If I was on the committee I could tell you. But they don't care what I think."

On if he has heard anything from the league: "We've heard that it's being looked at. That they're going to come to a decision."

On being ready to go without him: Obviously if you're missing a player like Clint it's an important piece of the puzzle for your team. At this stage, when you look at minutes played, he's the most fouled player in the league, and out team is the most fouled team in the league. Hopefully that gets looked at and taken into account a little bit. He's an important part of our team for sure.

On if there will be resolution before team leaves for Montreal on Thursday: We've asked for it to be resolved before we get on the plane, yes.