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Higuain says Crew was superior, created own luck

Here's some Columbus Crew reaction after their 2-1 win at Seattle tonight:

Coach Gregg Berhalter(On the match ...) "I thought it was a good match. I probably would've paid for a ticket for that game. The first half was just up and down, up and down. Guys invested a lot in the game. I was pleased. Obviously to get the winner that late is a tremendous result for us and a great effort."

(On getting the result in such a tough place to play ...) "It's great. You see that we wanted to try and play and to play our game. We knew that it was going to be tough. We kept going and didn't give up. At times, it was a little sloppy and we got punished for turnovers. But in the end, we just kept going, and that was good."

(On goalie Steve Clark's performance ...) "He made some good saves certainly. We know that he can do that. We know that he has that ability. He's a fighter and a guy that relishes his chances. He came up big."

(On the team's passing ...) "That's what we want to do and that's how we want to play. The wet turf was good for that. You could zip the ball around, and the guys did that. It's tough to always control, but at times you see that the ball moves quickly and it's nice movement."

(On if he saw the team starting out this hot this season...) "I don't think you could've seen it. We knew we wanted to develop. We knew we wanted to grow as a team and improve. We made strides in every game that we played so I'm pleased with that. Our job is to keep improving."

(On what strides they have made ...) "It's how the guys have accepted the way that we want to play. That's been key because if it doesn't work with the group that you have, it's going to be very difficult. But they've taken it on, they've embraced it and they've put their little touches on it, and that's been nice."

(On his view of the penalty ...) "I think it's tough. If I commented on it, it opens it up for me commenting on every decision the referee makes. It's his job to referee the game, it's not my job."

(On their next game coming up against Toronto ...) "Toronto is a very good team. They've proven that they can win here (in Seattle) as well so it's going to be a tough game. We know that."

(On if Justin Meram is a guy he saw scoring a game-winning goal for them ...) "This is my coaching tips before he was going in -- I told him to score a goal (laughs). So I kept it real basic for him and he did that."

Steve Clark – Crew Goalkeeper(Clark on the match and his performance tonight…) “It was a tough first half. It’s nice to make saves. For me, that’s all I really care about, keeping the guys in the game. Obviously to win like that, it’s a fantastic win for us as a young team, and it was a great atmosphere.”

(On what his defenders did differently to help in the second half…) “I thought we needed to keep a little more balance. They had a good game plan, so they were gonna basically leave some guys up there to counter us and it worked a little bit there. So we had to keep better balance and I thought we did that in the second half.”

(On whether that adjustment was something they discussed at halftime…) “Yeah, I was trying to get it in the first half, but it was a little bit loud out there, thank the fans for that. But I thought their game plan was… they were confident in it, leaving three guys up top. It was kind of like a heavyweight fight, trade punches and they had won the first half.”

Federico Higuain – Crew Forward (translated)(On his thoughts on the game…) “We were superior tonight and we were able to win because of that.”

(On the PK…) “We were fortunate to get the penalty kick and we converted it. Because of that we were able to win the game.”

(On the team’s passing…) “We were able to create our own luck because of comprehensive passing. We were a complete team tonight, in the sense of being able to put passes together and because of that, we were able to win.”

Justin Meram – Crew Midfielder(On if he felt pressured on the last shot, knowing it was the last chance for the team to win…) “You know, I practice that shot a lot, honestly, probably too much. It paid off tonight, so I’m just so excited for this club and the direction we’re going. This win – that goal – was not just for myself, but for this team and to be 3-0 is incredible. It’s the best way to start.”

(On whether he would have predicted starting the season 3-0…) “It’s always tough with all new faces, new coaches. But they’ve got us in the right system, they believe in us, we believe in each other – the guys back home, the guys here. I’m just so happy that I could make a difference.”

(On whether he knew his shot was going in when it left his foot…) “When I hit it, my first touch kind of took me away from my body and I just thought that was the right type of shot, not with power but with placement. Like I said, for me, if I didn’t score and we won, that’s all we want, coming here. I’m glad I could make a difference and I’m glad we got three points and now we got Toronto next week.”

(On how it feels to secure the best start in franchise history…) “It feels great. It’s what we want. Now this game’s over and now we look on to Toronto next week at home and all the amazing support we have back in Columbus.”