Sounders Insider

Weber has seen darby from both sides; grateful

Here's some reaction from Timbers goalkeeper Andrew Weber, the former Sounder who faced his old team in the 4-4 draw today in Portland.

On seeing the rivalry from both sides: This is an amazing game. Look at the game today – 4-4 – pretty crazy. To play in an atmosphere like this is something you’re going to remember for your whole life. It’s fortunate that I get to do what I love to do, and both teams have given me that opportunity.

On the new look of the Sounders: New team, new era for them. They looked sharp. They put together the team they want. It is what it is. Is it different: Yeah. It’s a new year, a new team. They’re going to go with what they have.

On Sounders celebrating point gained, while Timbers saw it as two points lost: We look at it that way. I’m sure they’re excited. I feel we had the run of play most of the time, and we played some pretty soccer. We’ve got to really focus in now on not giving up points. Those are two points that we lost that should have been ours today. But it’s in the past now. So we’ve got a game next weekend against Chivas, and we need to focus on that and really push for the three points.