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Full list of Sounders' salaries for 2014 released

SoundesSalariesHere are the 2014 Sounders' salaries, as provided by the MLS Players Union. The first figure is base salary, the second is annual guaranteed compensation.

And here is what Sounders' coach Sigi Schmid had to say today when asked if the publication of salaries can have any implication in the locker room:

Public salaries) I don’t know. It is what it is. … My uncle in Germany had a company where he made sweaters, and obviously the seamstresses were primarily female. He said if somebody walked in with a new dress that day, it made for a bad day. Everybody was concerned about, ‘How did she get the money to buy the new dress? Is he paying her more per piece than they’re paying me?’ and things like that. I think there is always that in any workplace. … "I was in a very competitive field before I went into coaching, which was accounting, and you knew exactly where you were ranked. I came in with 15 people, and at the end of the first year you knew whether you were No. 1 in your group or No. 15, and the salaries were obviously commensurate, and the raises were commensurate with that. So it was very competitive. That’s why after two, three years, out of that original group of 15, there was only three or four of us left. Everyone said, ‘I’m moving on because there are opportunities.’

"In professional sports, it’s just a reality of what it is. It’s the way our league is, and obviously the disparity between top and bottom is much greater in our league than it is in other leagues, other professional leagues in the U.S. and overseas. But I think for the most part guys know it, they look it up, but it doesn’t become an issue in the locker room.”