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Schmid back from California, with Sounders

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid returned to training this morning with his team, after an extended stay in Southern California, where Seattle had defeated Chivas USA on Saturday.

We asked Schmid what he did with his time down there, besides enjoy the sun.

"The (USA) Under-21s where down there training, so it gave me a chance to watch that team train," he said. "Sean Okoli’s there, Jordan Morris is there as well. I knew our training session was going to be light – just a regeneration training. Also it was a chance to get together with Tab Ramos and Andy Herzog in the evening. So it was good."

Schmid was asked why Sounders right-back DeAndre Yedlin wasn't included among that U-21 camp.

"Ultimately, those decisions are Jurgen’s," he said. "He and I had spoken, and I said, 'Look, it depends what your plans are with him. Depending on what your plans are, I’d like to have him here some of the time and not be gone.’ But I don’t know if DeAndre is in the group in May or not. Obviously Jurgen decided not to bring him in right now with this group. It’s a minicamp, so they only had one training session on the Monday. They had two on Tuesday. And then they’ll have a game tonight. But it’s the earliest the Federation has gotten that Olympic core together, which I think is important because normally what U.S. Soccer has sometimes done is they’ve waited till two weeks or three weeks before Olympic qualifying to get that group together. So by having more of these little minicamps they can hopefully come to some decisions and narrow their pool of players down earlier than they do normally."