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Rapids coach says Dempsey-Martins caused grief

Here's some of the Rapids' reaction to their 4-1 loss at Seattle:

Pablo Mastroeni - Colorado Rapids Head Coach(On what caused the team's struggles today ...) "I think the fact that they scored four goals definitely helped in their result. In the first half, we did a pretty good job of getting a foot in the game. But that goal at the end of the first half really set the tone for the second half. We came out flat in almost anticipating almost more of the same. For me it was disappointing that the mindset wasn't right going into the half. For the better part of six games, we were a really good defensive team, but after receiving two or three goals, you begin to doubt your ability as a player. That was the disappointing part. Overall, I think the guys competed to the end and there's some positives to take from the game."

(On how Seattle found the holes in the defense ...) "The two guys up top really made a difference. (Obafemi) Martins and (Clint) Dempsey really caused us a bit of grief. And again, if you're not good with the ball, you're going to end up defending. Against a team like this, you definitely don't want to be defending deep in your half as we found ourselves for the majority of the game. It's our poor decisions moving forward and our lack of effort when we do have the ball and relying on our defense. With the type of players they have, it just put a lot of pressure on our defense and forced a lot of errors that led to the dismantling of the team."(On Dillon Serna's goal ...) "You know I didn't even see the goal, to be fair. I thought he had a decent game, but at the end of the day, it's not about individuals, it's about team and what your role is on this team. I'm excited that he opened his account as a pro and I think he has a bright future. But as a team, we just weren't good enough."

Dillon Serna - Colorado Rapids Midfielder(On scoring his first goal...) "Obviously it's a bittersweet feeling for me, getting my first goal. I just opened up on the outside and did a run towards the middle and got the through-ball and just put it over the keeper. It was a special moment for me, but I wish we could have gotten the result."

(On what in Seattle's play made the game difficult for them today...) "I just think we needed to defend a little better; defend together, not individually. I think there are definitely some things that we can learn from this game and come in next week and do better."

(On what he wants to improve on...) "That's the first time I played at the top of the diamond, actually, in a little while, so it was good to be back playing there. Knowing that they can trust me at the top, at the left or the right, it's good for me. I'll just keep practicing there and see what I can do to improve."

(On how they intend to use today's game to prepare for the LA Galaxy...) "I just think there's a good pairing here with [Clint] Dempsey and Obafemi [Martins], so we can watch some film and kind of see how Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan are going to play together. I think we'll be ready and more prepared next week."

(On whether his week with the U-21 National Team helped his game and his confidence...) "I think it did. I had a pretty good camp. I was playing left back at the camp. Getting to play all the positions will just benefit me, so I think it was a positive week for me and I was prepared for this game."

Drew Moor - Colorado Rapids Defender(On what Seattle did that made the game difficult...) "They're a good team obviously, they've got some good players and they're playing really well right now. I think we were much more disorganized than we have been so far this season. I thought we started brightly the first 10 or 15 minutes, and started to lose possession a little bit and then just kind of got unorganized. I think the biggest thing was giving up the late goal in the first half. We had possession in our attacking third, I think, when it entered injury time, so you're feeling pretty good, and then 20 seconds later, the ball is in the back of our net. I think just more disorganized and just didn't defend well today."

(On what they need to work on to have a better result against the Galaxy...) "Obviously we need to regroup, take a look at how we got exploited today. L.A. is a different team than Seattle, they have some similar players, some fire power. This is one of those games you want to put behind you and move on, but it's a learning lesson. It's almost a good experience in a way, especially at this point of the season because we need to manage the game better; we need to manage the start and end of halves better. Really, if you include the end of the first half and the 10 minutes of the second half, it was 11-12 minutes there that we wish we could get back. So, manage the game better and just regroup and put it behind us but learn from it."

(On whether playing in Seattle is difficult...) "I think everybody will say it's a difficult place, but we just didn't play well enough. I don't think it would have mattered where we played them today, we were just unorganized, like I said. It's a tough game, but you've got to keep your heads up and move on to the next one."

(On Dillon Serna getting his first goal and what he's seen in Serna that has impressed him...) "Hopefully the first of many for Dillon. He's been great, really, ever since he's been here. He deserves the time that he's getting right now. He's a creative player, he's a confident player, he's got a very, very bright future ahead of him, and hopefully today will go a long way into continuing to build his confidence. A goal, even in a tough match like this, is huge for a young kid like him. He's confident beyond his years and I'm excited to see how he's going to do as the season goes."