Sounders Insider

Players will feel little impact from split with Seahawks

This week -- Thursday -- will bring the official break between the business operations of Seattle Sounders FC of MLS and the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL.

One physical symbol of the break has already occurred, as the Sounders this week moved into new offices on Pioneer Square.

At training today, we asked coach Sigi Schmid and general manager Adrian Hanauer about the practical impacts of the move.

HANAUER: It’s been sort of a work in progress for a while now. Phones work. Computers work. We got a lease. But really, honestly, we’re still working on the blocking and tackling: the logistics of the transition. Once May 1st, May 2nd, the week after hits, that’s when we’ll really start to work on the substantive parts of the transition: thinking about our brand again, thinking about our opportunities to increase revenue, thinking about the cost side of our business; basically do a once-over on it and try to come out the other end with an even more robust, growing, interesting, winning culture.

SCHMID: From the team side of things, things remain the same. (We’re) just trying to work out all the computers and e-mails and all that kind of stuff. But nothing that really affects the guys and the players on the team. I think everybody’s excited. Some guys haven’t seen the new offices, some guys have. Just seeing how that all works in. … I have to trust what the people higher up than me say, and everybody’s saying this is a positive thing and it’s a part of our evolution and our growth as a club. Hopefully we can take advantage of it and use it and continue to grow and establish our identity. I think the Seahawks have been a tremendous organization, and being a part of them has been fantastic, and I’m sure there’s still going to be cooperation between the two organizations because it was always a good situation. But for us right now, this is also a positive growth situation, establishing ourselves.

As an example of that cooperation, Schmid said he assumed if he wants his team to train indoors, the Seahawks indoor facility at VMAC will still be open to his team.