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Sounders GM on USL-Pro, and MLS transfer windows

Our conversation with Adrian Hanauer today primarily involved the Sounders' coming split with the Seahawks. However, while we had him, we also inquired about a few other topis:

On a Sounders-affiliated USL-Pro team for next season: “Every time I talk to you it’s like a 95-, 97-, 99-percent there. But you guys know I’m that way because even when we’ve got a player’s contract signed, if the player isn’t actually on the field training, I won’t say it’s 100 percent. We’re somewhere between 95 and 99 percent heading toward a USL PRO team here (at Starfire), certainly to begin with. We’ll remain open to other opportunities, whether that means in the near vicinity to Starfire and Seattle or in areas outside of the close geographic vicinity. Whether that was a Spokane or a Boise or Bellingham or Everett or Tacoma obviously, we’re open to those opportunities. But it would require finding a good partner and a good facility situation.”

On the question of where they'll play rather than when: “And that’s not much of a question for this next year (meaning Starfire). So, yeah, but we can move. ... It’s been great for us to talk with the Galaxy a little bit about their experience with the Galaxy II — learn what things have gone well for them, what they might do differently in the future. That obviously wasn’t planned, but it’s been helpful.”

On possible transfer moves being more likely for the summer than anytime soon: “Probably. We’re always looking, and you have to be prepared, but we like the way the team is playing right now and feel like we’re pretty solid, pretty balanced.”

On if there is roster and salary space for a move: “It would most likely have to be created. We have some allocation money, but we don’t have cap space.”