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Estrada, Sounders say loan was a good thing

"I’m very thankful for the opportunity for Adrian and Sigi to let me go over there and play a few games," he said. "I’m just glad to be back. … Obviously you want to stay here and try to break into the 18 and try to help the team out. But you’ve got to understand sometimes that maybe you’re not as sharp as you feel that you are, and that was basically the opportunity to get a few games in. I took it as that: just an opportunity."

We also asked coach Sigi Schmid about the decision to loan and recall the fifth-year forward.

"The whole thing all along the line was to get him some games, get him some rhythm of play by going down to Atlanta and then bring him back again and see where he’s at," Schmid said. "… It’s more a situation where we’re trying to get him someplace for two, three, four weeks where they get three, four games and then come back to us. ... I thought he did all right. The last game he didn’t start, but that was more because the Atlanta coach decided, well, if he’s not going to be here the next week, let me start looking at (another) guy. So for him it was good because he got an opportunity to play, and the games are more competitive in nature than the reserve games are."