Sounders Insider

Schmid: "I'm proud of our team, our character"

Here is coach Sigi Schmid's opening statement after the Sounders 2-1 win over Philadelphia tonight:

We were obviously pleased that we got the win today coming back. We made it a little bit hard for ourselves. We had some good chances in the first half: Neagle off the post; obviously as well we got the penalty kick. We didn’t put those chances away, but Oba got an opportunistic goal off Evans’ header through, and then we scored a good goal on the set piece. Chad showing his prowess in the air. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to bring him here. So I’m proud of our team, our character, our willingness to fight back again.

More from Schmid:

(On yet another come-from-behind victory…) "The guys fight for each other, the guys battle for each other. We said it at the beginning of the season—we wanted to be a team that fought to the very end of the game and we've done that. We're showing that when the crowd is here, and they're behind us, and it's raining, and they're still singing, chanting and jumping up and down—we deserve to keep working for them."

(On Osvaldo Alonso taking the penalty kick…) "Ozzie's wife is pregnant, so the guys let him take a penalty for his new baby."

(On Marco Pappa's performance off the bench…) "Marco came in and helped us. (Dylan) Remick got injured and we needed to take him out. We were thinking about bringing a defender to that position, but I felt we needed to get Marco on and we could move Brad Evans back there to left back. I thought that was a good way to do it. I think Marco's passing certainly helped us getting some combinations and going forward."

(On Brad Evans' first start of the season…) "I thought he did well. That's Brad's versatility, to play midfield for a half then left back for 35 minutes. That's part of what we need him to do…He scored one against us, so I am glad Brad got up there for that one, so that was good."

(On the team's offensive performance…) "I think offensively the flow that we have at times is very, very good, [especially] the ability to find each other and continue to move off the ball. I think we had some really good looks, and sometimes looks don't always reflect themselves in shots, but I thought we had some really good looks in the first half, and we had some good looks in the second half… I think the movement of the ball and the movement of the ball [shows] the confidence they have of getting the ball back."

(On Obafemi Martins' goal…) "Oba obviously saw Brad go up for that, the ball fell in behind, and he was at the right place. He was with the last defender, which is where you need to be in those situations—you need to be able to get your body behind him—and finish the goal."

(On the team's halftime adjustments…) "We needed to close the midfield a little bit. We talked about Brad getting squeezed in a little bit. I told Marco to get inside a little bit more… we also felt we could get some shots from distance, and I felt we did that in the second half."

(On Chad Marshall's performance...) "He's a good defender—that's the reason he's here. We felt that he could help us get further as a team and do better. I think he is a quality player and one of the best center backs in the league. He's got two assists… the assist he had last week and the goal he had this week off set pieces are obviously geared toward him and were very effective. Even when their fast guys go 1 v. 1 against him you don't see him get beat. His first step is really good, he knows how to use his body—he is a calm, smart defender."

(On Clint Dempsey's scoring streak ending) "He is still a huge part of our game. Sometimes people get all hung up on goals and assists and that's the key whether or not he has a good game or not. If Chad Marshall hadn't scored the goal and somebody else has, I still think Marshall should have been player of the match, but sometimes we get hung up on who scored the last goal. Clint is certainly very involved in our offensive attacks… even if there are no goals and assists he is still playing a very important role on our team."