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Schmid: Sounders played good soccre, but it "would be nice" not to fall behind

Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say tonight after the Sounders' come-from-behind 2-1 win over FC Dallas:

(Opening Statement…) "Obviously you would not like to go down 1-0, that would be nice…I think our team played some very good soccer. I thought in the first half we possessed the ball really well. I thought we were combining well. They were pretty defensive, had a lot people in the box—it made it difficult. We got to open up with some crosses, but when there's all people in the back it's tough to get much there. So we talked about making sure we built out of the back… we felt we needed to run across people if we were going to score, which we obviously did. The subs getting in helped our team. They never lost hope and faith, and continued to show good character and battled well."

(On the contribution of the bench…) "It's more nerve-wracking for us on the bench than it is for them on the field. They have the right belief in themselves."

(On giving up the penalty kick…) "If you look at the last four goals that we've taken—it's [included] two PK's, an own goal. If we can eliminate the PK's and own goals, we'll be OK."

(On the defensive changes...) thought (Brad) Evans did a good job filling in at left back in the second half of last game, so we put him back there again at left back. We came out with Zach Scott because for Djimi (Traore) it's tough to play three games in a week on turf. We felt we needed to make a change there. Zach had been training well and Jalil (Anibaba) was certainly someone we were considering as well.

(On Dallas slowing down the game…) "There were fouls and they were certainly trying to slow the game down, taking time on throw-ins and goal kicks, and try to kill the game in various different ways. I look at that as a compliment to our team, as teams try to slow us down. Our team has done a good job of reacting well and continuing to play."

(On Obafemi Martins' fifth and sixth assists) "That's his unselfish play for the team. He'll run the channels, he'll post up when he needs to post up, he'll drop off and find the ball. He will chase and battle and fight for the ball. He has just been a great teammate this year and this is something good…If we can get him on the ball and if we can get Dempsey on the ball in the final 20 yards of the field, it's problems for the opponent."

(On Martins' transition to a full MLS season…) "He's playing what we expected of him. Last year was a difficult year, moving back and coming all the way over. Playing in-season in Russia, playing in-season in Spain, to a season with us, he eventually broke down physically. When you look back on that, in 12 months time he played 40-plus games, so we knew he could do that but it just ended up being too much and he broke down at the end of last year."

(On Martins not playing for Nigeria's national team…) "[The Nigeria coach] and I have talked. He didn't expect me to get a call. Every coach has his group that he's been putting together, sort for Chad as well, the train maybe has left the station. Oba, the way he is playing, he might have considered him. He is playing regular football and there are some guys that are not playing regular football."

(On if he expected more late heroics...) "We always believe we are going to win. That's why we came in with another offensive sub. We wanted to keep fresh legs going because Lamar had a great shift and we felt we could still take the game to them."

(On the team's key to success…) "I think the players, the guys who are coming into the game, are quality players and we have a quality bench…. We wanted to make sure in the offseason we had stronger options coming off the bench and I think we achieved that. Those guys have come off the bench and contributed. Chad Barrett didn't get on the scoreboard today, but he caused some problems for people on the outside."

(On the team's chemistry…) "I think the guys who are saying we have to play with each other have gotten to play with each other more on the training field and have realized, 'hey I can drop the ball into space and move again.' We are finding little pockets, finding the seams. They are playing behind the lines and playing through the windows, and those combinations is what making us very effective. They understand that is how we play."

(On Lamar Neagle's improved passing...) "If you look at the passing stats from the last three games, his pass completion percentage has gone up each game. He has really started to understand that and connect with that."