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Dallas coach thinks his team deserved more

Here's some of what Dallas coach Oscar Pareja had to say after falling to the Sounders 2-1 tonight at CenturyLink Field:

(On the lineup and formation changes…) "We play with the players that belong to the team and they had a game three days ago and now we have another game in three days. That's the way the schedule was set and so we play with the boys that are healthy and the boys that can come in and do the job. With the formation we prepare the game depending on the opposite team, too."

(On the strategy going into the second half…) "We knew that Seattle was going to throw bodies up front. Definitely we wanted to control the tempo of the game. We knew it's a place where we know the fullbacks are coming up, the forwards are moving in a way that may put us in a [tough position]. But I don't think that was the case. We defended well and tried to keep the resolve that we had at the moment."

(On the overall performance…) "A good game for us, a good game. We deserved more, but that's the game."​

Michel - FC Dallas Defender(On penalty kick...) "I simply passed the responsibility onto the keeper, gave sometime waiting for him to make a decision but maybe he got confused and ended up not moving. At that point I chose one of the corners and managed to score."

(On FC Dallas strategy in the second half...) "We knew that Seattle was going to come pressing and attacking, so we knew that we needed to pass the ball, control the ball, and pass quickly. We held the result but ended up getting goals against us; goals that are unexpected and uncommon for us to get."

(On what made Sounders FC difficult to defend...) "Seattle always does that when they play at home, they press on the other teams defense field so there was no real surprise. We tried to control the game but they ended up having the success scoring goals, we even had the chance to score a couple of goals but didn't succeed so with that they had no surprises and they managed to win the game."

(On FC Dallas lack of energy coming into second half...) "Not at all, the 11 players gave it all and the other ones that came they all gave it all. We tried to keep the score or even expand it's just that we didn't manage to get the three points, we tried; we put in all the effort."

Andrew Jacobson - FC Dallas Midfielder(On awareness of Sounders FC comeback tendencies...) "We knew they were going to push. They're at home. We were in a good position going into the second half, but we knew they were going to pus. They have a lot of talented guys; it was no surprise."

(On FC Dallas mindset coming into second half...) "We wanted to keep our good shape and see if we could play through their lines. They attacked us very well but the guys fought hard but we just couldn't close out those last few minutes."

(On what makes Sounders FC difficult to defend...) "They play well together very collective in their attack, move well together and move off the ball, they're a good team."