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Revolution says hope/confidence grows from result

Here's some New England Revolution reaction to their 5-0 mauling of MLS-leading Sounders FC today:

New England Revolution head coach Jay HeapsI thought we took our chances well. The game was … it was not our best stuff to start. I thought we handled it well. I thought Bobby (Shuttleworth) made a big save and then, we’re a team that when we do take our chances we’re pretty dangerous and I thought we took our chances tonight.

I think we were always pretty good on our break. We work hard on our break. I think that’s where when we’re really free-flowing, numbers going forward, we’re finding spaces. We have young legs and we went after it a little bit today.

I think that Diego (Fagundez) has been working really hard. He trains extremely hard. So I see those finishes quite a bit, they just hadn’t come in a big game yet. I think you saw tonight what kind of class he has.

(The last few weeks, Patrick Mullins’ hold-up play has been) Huge. I think that’s one thing, when we’re really playing well, we have someone that can at least get us an outlet ball, a vertical ball. And he holds it up well and it allows guys like Lee (Nguyen), Daigo (Kobayashi), Diego (Fagundez) and Teal (Bunbury) to read off of that.

It’s hard to stop [Seattle’s attackers with Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins]. I think we tried to eliminate some of the service. But Dempsey and Martins can beat you in a lot of different ways. You can’t say hey, stop it. We knew that they like going central. So we wanted to make sure that, we had numbers around those two guys and when they got the ball we had to get pressure to it immediately. They’re going to get the ball, you just have to make sure they’re not getting it behind you.

I thought (Andy) Dorman played a near perfect match, just in terms of what we asked him to do and how we wanted him to shield the back four. I thought A.J. (Soares) was excellent and (Andrew) Farrell was excellent, the two of them playing centrally, doing really well. But, you also have to credit the entire team defensively but also our outside backs. They did a nice job of covering when we’re man-on-man with our center backs.

You gain confidence by getting results. You train hard through those things so there are times situationally you want to say, hey we’ve got control of this game. Unfortunately, I didn’t think it was going to be a goal. Did I say unfortunately? Fortunately, it was a goal that got us out of the funk a little bit. Usually you try to break out with a little change of a position or where the guy’s receiving the ball. Early on we were playing in our own half and we felt like we were giving the ball back to them. So, our break had to start working and when it did it opened everything else up.

We don’t send messages, we just play hard. For us we’re just going out and playing what’s on our schedule. Every game for us is hugely important as you can tell last year when we made the playoffs in the last minute of a game, you know, eight minutes of stoppage time against Columbus. So, for us every time we can get points, we have to try to take it.

I think there is so much parody across the league. I think some teams right now, I don’t think anyone has really separated. Seattle has certainly separated themselves points-wise. But, there are good teams not getting results that we have trouble playing, and there are teams getting results and getting points. If you look at our game today, I wouldn’t say it was our best game all around, but we finished well. So I think when we put together all those facets, we’ll be pretty good just like a couple of other teams are going to be pretty good.

New England Revolution forward Patrick MullinsObviously having the fan support here is huge for us. We’ve played well here all season long, and coming into today we were confident. We’ve been on a good run of form, and we just wanted to make sure we took our style of play to them. We respect them as a team, obviously, with any team we play but we know we want to go out and play our style.

The last two games I got to play in were both on the road, so I was particularly excited to get out there and see the fans today. It was perfect. It’s exactly how I want it to be. The energy they had went to us on the field, and I love playing in front of them.

No, nothing in particular, just their energy. We feed off of that. And the volume, we can hear when it’s getting loud and we can hear it just chanting in the background. We love it.

I think every time we step on the field we want to make sure we hold the ball up up top and make good runs in behind on the wings. I thought we did that really well today. Obviously with Diego (Fagundez) and Teal (Bunbury) getting some great goals around the outside, and as a center forward with the one up top, and you got two big guys up there you got to make sure you hold your own and battle for everything and I thought I did my best to do that today.

I think [the goal] was another one of good switch in the play. (It was) A nice pass out to the left and I wanted to make sure I put myself in a position to where if the ball bounced away, I was ready to pounce on it and finish it and it did and I was there.

I think it was big. I thought they did start well, and defensively we were solid. We wanted to make sure we were efficient with our chances, and I’d say we definitely were today.

New England Revolution midfielder Diego FagundezIt definitely gets our hopes up. We’ve battled against three good teams in the past couple of games and we’re doing well against them and that’s what we want. We want to get our confidence going and knowing that we can beat the best team who is the hot team on fire right now, is definitely great for us.

I think everyone knew what we had to do on the field. We fought. We committed to the play. We did everything we could and we finished every chance that we had.

It’s a relief for me because I have been waiting for this one for a while. Hopefully now I can bang some in because I’ve been working towards this one a long time.

I thought I was going to get a third one, but sometimes it doesn’t happen and that’s okay. We got three points and that’s the number one thing right now.

We watched video on all this and I knew (DeAndre Yedlin) would go up a lot and I knew there was going to be space. I took advantage of that and they got punished for it.

I was just so happy. I made a heart because it’s Mother’s Day, so it was a perfect way to show all the mothers that came to the field , especially the one who raised me and did everything for me, that the goal was for them. It was a great moment and I dedicated that goal to my mom.

My mom has been here since the first day, from the first day I signed and from the first day that I played, so it’s great that she still supports me everywhere that I go. She still comes to every game and sees all the goals.

I don’t remember where it started except when Teal (Bunbury) got the ball and I made a huge run. I was raising my hand, hoping that he would see me and Teal (Bunbury) played an awesome ball. I knew I had to get a good touch to get a nice shot and at the end of the day, that’s what I did.

(Patrick) Mullins has been great. He’s been holding the ball off, which is what we want and he’s fighting up top. It doesn’t matter who he plays against, he wants to play and it’s showing on the field.

It’s great having Kelyn (Rowe). Kelyn’s a great guy, he wants to play a lot and you know that he wants to work hard, and that’s what we want. Every day he comes up to the field and trains and does everything he can to show off and try to make the team, and that’s what we’re looking for.

Those are just numbers for me. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, I’ve always played against older guys, so for me it was just a step forward. I knew that I had to show what I had on the field. There are a lot of better players than me, but at the end of the day, if you’re working harder than them, it’s going to show.