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Evans notes this kind of loss hits Sounders every year; Dempsey praises his former team

Here's some more Sounders reaction to their 5-0 loss today at New England:

Seattle Sounders forward Clint DempseyIt’s good to be playing with a team that’s playing well. Obviously today we didn’t put in a good performance, but in terms of how we’ve been this season and enjoying our ball, it’s been fun. I think that’s contributed to me getting the numbers that I’ve put up.

I think you just try to create good looks. Sometimes you have a shot there, it might get deflected and you see someone else is open, you might try to find them. But at the same time, I think some days go for you, some days don’t. Today just seemed like it wasn’t one of our days.

We always try to push forward and I think we got caught up a little bit in terms of our numbers in the attack. I think they got us on the counterattack. Some of the goals that we conceded were not the best. Starting the second half with the deflection (was) a little bit unlucky as well. I think that’s what kind of hurt us, the counterattack.

I think I’ve been moving the ball around, sharing a lot, getting good looks and being able to finish them off.

It’s definitely increasing. For me, getting to experience the market in the northwest is pretty special. The numbers of people that go out to the games, the attendance that you see and the rivalries that are there between us and Portland is good to see. You see more soccer franchises popping up and more soccer specific stadiums and it’s good to see for the development of the game and also seeing more Americans get better contracts.

It feels good (to be back in New England). It’s always good to be back where it started for my professional career. I owe a lot to this organization. Especially Stevie Nicol and Paul Mariner being able to help develop my game here which allowed me to break into the national team, which allowed me to get overseas and which also allowed me to play in World Cups. I owe a lot to this organization, but also Stevie Nicol and Paul Mariner.

It’s good, they have young talent coming up. You need to find a good mix on your team. That’s something the Revs have always done a good job of, giving young players the opportunity to try to develop and improve and I think that’s what allowed me to get to where I am today.

Seattle Sounders FC defender Brad EvansI’m not really sure what happened: a couple of defensive errors and we were down 3-0. I’m not really sure.

I feel like we have one of these games every single year where we get blown out, like last year in Colorado where we got crushed. There’s no excuse, we said we were ready to go and a couple of defensive lapses put us on the back foot and now all we can do is prepare for San Jose.

I don’t think anything from the Dallas game in particular. We tried to stick to our guns in the beginning of the game and it just didn’t work out. We didn’t play like the away team in the first 15-20 minutes of the game like we talked about but after that we fell apart. I don’t know I’m at a loss for words.

I think four in the first half is hard to bounce back from and you do your best to come back. Then right after halftime we get an unlucky bounce to make it 5-0 and that’s just the worse conceding a goal right before or after halftime. We kept pushing and obviously they’re going to let up because they have a cushion. If we score a couple of goals we were right back in it. Bobby (Shuttleworth) had a good game and it is what it is.