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Schmid: Fantastic goal, and happy for clean sheet

Here was coach Sigi Schmid's opening statement tonight after the Sounders' 1-0 win over San Jose:

Obviously we’re pleased with the victory. We were happy to get the clean sheet in the back – it’s been a while obviously since we’ve done that. That’s something that we tried to concentrate on this week, the defending aspect as we move forward. I thought in the second half we had some good looks, some good chances. I thought Jon Busch came up with some big saves in the second half to keep it at one. Overall I was very pleased with our defensive effort, and some of the things we created. Fantastic goal by Oba showing his quality.

More from Schmid:

(On choosing the lineup...) "(Jalil) Anibaba has played a lot of right back last year for Chicago, so that's what we came with him at right back. Depending on what they were coming with-they like to play long balls and big target players-so we thought Zach Scott was a good choice because he is one of our better players in the air, along with Chad Marshall. We felt that was good for us as well. Leo (Gonzalez) was healthy enough to come to the team, as well as Kenny Cooper."

(On the offensive performance...) "It's always fantastic when you get an early goal. We always talk about coming out and putting pressure on them, going after them early on. I thought we did that. After we scored I thought we took our foot off the accelerator a little bit, allowing them to get back in the game. They had some good passing, but a lot of it was in their deep end of the field. I wish we would have pressed a little bit more, but right now I am just happy with what we came away with-three points is always the most important."

(On the defensive performance...) "I think the defenders did a great job. The outside guys, Marco (Pappa) contributed a much better effort defensively, as did Lamar (Neagle), so that really helped us as well. The nature of (Jalil) Anibaba and Leo (Gonzalez) are little more defensive-orientated than DeAndre (Yedlin) and Brad (Evans), but overall, even with those guys, we would have done well because of the commitment of the team after what happened last week."

(On the development of on-field chemistry...) "It was OK, sometimes it's still in the making. The partnership between Oba (Martins) and (Clint) Dempsey didn't hit full stride, but I think Kenny (Cooper) did alright. He had some good looks as well. There was one time in the first half and another in the second half. And I thought Chad Barrett came in and had a good relationship as well. We will continue to develop."

(On Obafemi Martins getting more touches...) "He knows he's got to drop and find the ball a little more. When he drops you saw Oba get touches a little more...I thought Oba was fantastic tonight. He was busy, he was active; he put in a tremendous effort in terms of covering ground tonight. "

(On San Jose traveling 16 players...) "We didn't talk about it much at all except guessing what their lineup would be, assuming they would have some big guys up front. Guys are missing, so other guys are on the field, and they give you something different. The effort they give you may be something different than the other guys. A guy like Shaun Francis steps up and gets his opportunity, he wants to show a coach he belongs out there."

(On the shutout...) "I think after last week we decided we wanted to play better defensively. We were all committed to defending as a group, so it was good to get the shutout today."

(On Martins' goal...) "That's an outstanding goal...It's just an athletic ability you can't teach that, it's just something that someone has. It's definitely as good as a goal that's been scored here."

(On Martins' performance...) "I thought he covered a ton of ground today. I thought he was really motivated and played well. In his disappointment in not being selected, he's not walking around moping. He is going out there and showing, 'Hey, you made a mistake.' And that's good for us. What he did for Seattle was fantastic."

(On playing in front of the season's largest crowd...) "We always feel that. We do alright when fans show up. You can definitely sense it-it's a little bit louder for sure when we step onto the field. There was a great energy in the beginning."

Below, some game notes from the club:

• Sounders FC remained atop the Supporters’ Shield standings with 25 points through 12 games, averaging 2.08 points per game.