Sounders Insider

Schmid on team health; possible team signings

The Sounders have concluded their Thursday practice. Afterward, we got a few minutes with coach Sigi Schmid. He spoke quite a bit about their Saturday opponent -- the Vancouver Whitecaps -- and I'll share that later. For now, a few other topics he covered:

On possible changes to the back four: We look at it from game to game. Remick’s back healthy. Obviously Djimi Traore is an option for us as well. Just like last week, we felt like Zach Scott was the right guy for that particular team. We’ll make a decision tomorrow night about what’s the best way to go: stay the same or to maybe make a change or two. But we’re very confident in a number of players besides the starting 11.

On team health: "We just got Sean Okoli who is still bothered by his knee a little bit. So he’ll have an MRI today; but he ran and did everything today. We still wanted to go a little bit easier with Lamar Neagle, so we’ll make a final decision on him tomorrow."

On possible player acquisition in the summer transfer window: We’re always looking. Center back is a position that we’re looking. We’re also looking at midfielders. There’s also a forward who’s come to our attention. If it’s the right fit, we feel like it makes sense, it’s something that Chris, Adrian, Kurt, myself will look at. So it’s not something that we feel is a must-have: that if we don’t do it, oh, jeez, we’re going to be in big trouble. But we do recognize the fact that we’ve got two center backs that are a little bit above 30 now, and one that’s going to hit 30 this year. So we want to make sure that we continue to be prepared for 2015 as well. So if a good center back comes along in the summer window, rather than miss that opportunity and wait for the winter, we might need to grad it now – if it’s the right guy, if it’s a guy who makes sense for us.

Specifically on rumors regarding Jose Miguel Cubero: I can’t really talk about him. He was somebody who was in the mix of players we were looking at the time before we signed Pineda. He’s still a quality player. He on (Costa Rica’s World Cup) preliminary roster. He’s one of those guys where you have to see: Is this the right time? Is he out of contract? OK is it maybe a situation that we need to address now, or do we wait until the winter.