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Schmid talks USA World Cup roster: good news on Yedlin; disappointment for Evans, Donovan

After training, coach Sigi Schmid said Brad Evans will be on that bus, but Schmid wasn't yet certain if Evans will be in the 18 or play when the Sounders face the Whitecaps at 4 p.m. Saturday. Evans was not made available to the media today.

Schmid also said Lamar Neagle is questionable for tomorrow with a hamstring injury.

Here's some of what Schmid had to say:

On Evans' return: Obviously Brad’s back. He trained with us today. We’ll see. He’s had a very intense week or training. They really haven’t had any days off, so we’ll see where he’s at physically and make that decision tomorrow.

On if Evans is mentally ready to return to MLS play: It’s sometimes that situation is something that takes a while sometimes to settle in. … It probably really hits home the first time you see the team play and you’re not part of it – that’s when it really hits home. There’s still a ways to go. You never know what can happen. Injuries can happen. All of a sudden you think you’re out and all of a sudden you’re back in. You never know.

On DeAndre Yedlin making the team: It’s fantastic for DeAndre and his situation as young as he is, as inexperienced as he is right now at the international level to get that opportunity and to get that exposure. We all have a lot of faith in DeAndre, his talent level and his ability, and I think he’s made great strides since he’s played here. There are still things he can become better at. I’m sure Jurgen feels the same way, and I know DeAndre feels the same way. But he’s continuing to grow, he’s continuing to develop, and this is just another step in that development. Thoughts on the announced USA team: Picking a World Cup squad is always difficult. The decisions at the end of the group are always difficult. When you’re not there day to day and when you’re not on the inside of what’s going on, you don’t know exactly why decisions come the way they are. But obviously there’s always going to be controversy, there’s always going to be intrigue around certain decisions, and those are things that are U.S. Soccer’s concerns right now, not mine.

On what it means for Sounders developmental system: I think it’s something for all the kids in the Sounders Academy, for all the kids in the Seattle area, to look at. Like: Hey, there’s a path here. There’s a path that leads not only to professional soccer, but there’s a path that leads to the World Cup. And obviously there’s money involved, so he’s going to make a nice bit of change. … You make it at a young age and you think it’s the first of many. You never know. So you’ve got to experience them and you’ve got to enjoy it, and you’ve got to make as much use of it as you can in terms of it being motivation for you, not being a gift for having done well.

On how Brad took the news: I’ve known Brad a long time. Not just Brad but any player, what you’re going to do is you’re going to try a stiff upper lip or whatever and put a good face on it, and you’re going to try to be strong. But there’s pain inside. If you don’t walk away with some pain inside you’re not human. It’s going to take little bit of time. But he’s a strong guy. He’s a strong character. This team means a lot to him. This organization means a lot to him. And when he steps on the field he’s going to be 100 percent committed.

Response from teammates: We didn’t make a big thing of it or anything like that. But they teammates know. They know. Chad Marshall, his roommate on the road, is happy to have Brad back.

On Landon Donavan not making team: That’s Jurgen’s decision. That’s something that he has to evaluate as it relates to Landon’s individual abilities in the group. Every coach would come to a different decision. If you picked five coaches from across the U.S. and said, ‘Here’s your pool of 30, pick your final 23,’ you’d have five different 23s. Everybody would differ at some point on maybe two or three players. You might agree on 17-20 of them, and then the other three you’re going to differ on. That’s just natural.

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