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Frei on second goal: Stupid play on my part

I'll be back with more later, but for now, here is goalkeeper Stefan Frei's take on the two goals he gave up today in Seattle's 2-2 draw at Vancouver:

The first one, I think he kind of somehow found he way through. He made a couple of cuts and we were worried about the inside cut and both ended up diving in, and he cut it back to the outside. He unleashed one, and I couldn’t get my head to it.

The second one, obviously I come out and as I come out I realize that I’m pretty far out from the goal. If I just kick it out then they might do a quick throw in, so the smart thing would have been just to bang it off of the side board and be sure that the ball ends up back on the field so they have to wait. Stupid play on my part, and then it was a good finish. I’m thankful that my guys were there to clean it up.