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Like Whitecaps, Sounders wanted three points

I have other postgame quotes in posts below, but here's more reaction from the Sounders after their 2-2 draw Saturday in Vancouver:

Coach SIGI SCHMIDOn the play of goalkeeper Stefan Frei:“I mean, the goal’s on him and on our defenders for not stepping in on that one. He made a save at the time when it was 1-1 where he came up with a big save to his left, he made a big save later, but that’s something that obviously can’t happen.”

On the first goal:“The guy gets into the box, with a chance maybe to stop him earlier, engage the player outside the box but then once he gets in the box and we have two players around him, so we’ve got a double, we’ve got to stay on our feet there. So we leave our feet, he cuts, and we tackle our own player. That’s something that I think, you stay on your feet, and you have a better chance of doing well there. Also, the timing of it, coming four or five minutes after our goal, that’s something that we’ve got to be a little more resolute at that, but it’s coming. We showed character, we showed our character to come back, and we showed our character to almost come away with three if Oba doesn’t hit the post there.”

On the penalty call:“It was hard because I really didn’t watch the replay, cause I was busy trying to organize our team at that point, so I haven’t seen the replay. Some people said it was a penalty, some people said it was soft, I don’t know. But, you’ve got to be willing to put yourself in a position, which Cam Weaver did and he ended up calling the PK.”

DEFENDER BRAD EVANSOn how it felt to be with Sounders FC again after USMNT camp:“Great. You know, put things in the past, and fortunate to get a result on the road. I thought the guys battled hard, maybe if we eliminate one or two mistakes, but happy with the boys, with the 2-2.”

On how he wanted to handle coming back after being cut:“Initially, your feelings are ‘I want to put this in the past, run around for 90 minutes and get after it.’ Maybe sometimes that’s not the smartest thing, so I took the smart approach, told him [Schmid] I felt good, I was mentally ready to go, I was into the game, I felt good out there. It was almost as though I just went away for conditioning camp for a week and then came back. I feel strong, I feel healthy, I feel fit. Overall, we spoke about it last night and this morning, there was never a worry about it.” On people’s expectations that he was likely to make the final USMNT roster:“I was a consistent starter. Whenever I was called in, I was starting with that team. Like I said before, nothing’s done until it’s done and that’s the attitude that I took, and maybe that helped me out now, being able to move forward and hold my head high and look back over the past year. Everything that happened was kind of last minute with it, so it was a fun ride and it’s over now, but I continue on with the Sounders. We’re at 26 points and we’re sitting alright. We got a lot of work to do, but my focus now is Sounders. I wasn’t going to be comfortable ‘til I was there, and then I wasn’t going to be comfortable ‘til I was on the plane, and then I wasn’t going to be comfortable ‘til I was on the starting eleven, and I wasn’t going to be comfortable ‘til I started the next game. You know what I mean? The way that Sigi’s always said it is that you’re remembered by your last performance. That’s kind of the approach that I took.”

MIDFIELDER CHAD BARRETTThoughts on the match:“Felt good to get the goal. I’d be glad to get away with three points, but we’ll take the point right now. We made some mistakes to give them some goals and they capitalized on it. Good teams will do that. At least we got a point out of it, but it’s a little bittersweet.”

On his substitution/ injury:“It was just a cramp. It was my first time playing in this kind of an atmosphere, this kind of a game all season. Reserve games don’t really replicate this. They’re a fast team. I had to work a little playing a little out of position, and I just got a little tired, cramp. I’ll be ready to go for next Saturday.”

On his goal following Vancouver’s early onslaught:“Sometimes, you’ve got to be a firefighter and just douse the fire. They came out wanting it, you could tell they were really going. I don’t think I touched the ball for the first 10 minutes and that’s frustrating. You just want to make sure that you make some good saves, Stefan made some good saves, we had some good blocks. Luckily, they missed a couple shots. We came back, and we were able to score the goal, and then we gave it right back to them. It’s frustrating when we give up our goals and how we give up our goals. If we can change that and become a shutdown team, that’d be good.”