Sounders Insider

Schmid updates health, options at center back

The Sounders are off the training pitch at Starfire. Here's some of what coach Sigi Schmid had to say about the health of his team.

"Djimi (Traore) is getting an MRI today, so we’ll have a more detailed thing with him," he said/ "Chad (Marshall) is feeling better, but we still didn’t want to put him into practice, so he just did some work in the gym. But he was able to hold food down the last 24 hours, so that’s good. I think he only lost 5 pounds. Lamar (Neagle) went through the whole practice – he was making progress the whole weekend as well. He said he had no issues. We’ll check tomorrow.

On options if center backs Marshall and Traore can't go: There’s Anibaba. There’s Zach Scott. You saw we played Evans there for a little bit – he’s an option. With the reserve team on Monday we played Andy Rose and Dylan Remick, and they both played very well. They were matched up with I think with (Robbie) Findley and Olmes Garcia came in in the second half. So they had a couple of good forward to play against, and they held their own. So I think we have options.

On Rose and Remick at center back in Reserve League game at Salt Lake: It was a little bit out of necessity. … But obviously being short center backs, getting them the experience back there makes sense, especially with what we’re facing right now.